Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Not What She Expected

Anna got in the car this morning and I said "Hey Anna!  How was your weekend?"

This was her response:

Well,my grandma wanted to take us to breakfast, and I was all excited until she said "Let's go to McDonalds!!!!!!!"   I said "Nooooo!"  So she took us to Dennys instead, which is not much different is it?   I hate Dennys.

Then I when we were almost done, my aunt called and said "I'm starving!  Stay there!"  And then she showed up and we had to sit there another whole hour.  So boring -- sitting there in Denny's listening to a bunch of old people talking.

So then, I had to go to the bathroom and my little boy cousin said "I have to go too" and he followed me into the bathroom.   So I set him on the toilet seat, because he's only two, and before I knew it, he was peeing all over me!  He peed all over my new shirt, and my shoes, and he just kept peeing and peeing.  Boy he pees a lot!   And I just stood there with pee all over me.    

Then I walked out of the bathroom and yelled at my aunt and said "You. Need.  To. Deal. With. This." as I stood there with pee all over my face.

I don't need to tell you that I almost wrecked the car this morning listening to Anna's story.    She is soooooooo funny.  And what makes her funny is that she doesn't try to be funny.  She just is.

I just love driving the carpool.  It's always good for a laugh.


Eunice said...

That's an awesome story - one she'll be telling for years I'm sure. I had a little boy pee all over my leg when I was teaching preschool. He looked up at me with his big brown eyes and said in his squeaky little two-year old voice, "I peed on your leg".

Kristi said...

poor girl. yuck. but definitely a memorable story! once one of my nieces spit up right down my shirt. so gross.

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

She's all set for motherhood now, eh? Those little boys and their wild hoses... Reminds me I need to clean my bathroom. And I know it's disgusting, but McDonalds breakfast actually sounds pretty good. Bet Anna will remember that next time and be happy to order an egg mcmuffin.