Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Off to Visit Fall

I'm off to the mountains. I can hardly wait to see Autumn making her debut along the Wasatch Front. And I'm even more excited that it might be cool enough to wear a sweater!

If you are lucky, I might post a few pictures after my photography lesson with Blue Lily. But really,
I'm the lucky one -- Autumn, Blue Lily, and the Sweet Tooth Fairy Bakery all in the same place at the same time. It doesn't get much better than that (unless you throw in lunch at Cafe Rio).

I'm breaking my
Celiac diet for one short hour -- even if it means I have to suffer later.

Post Script: I'm giving away jewelry this weekend on my giveaway blog. Check it out!


Puttin' Down Roots said...

I thought at first you were going back to Spark....but it sounds like Blue Lily. Have a fun safe trip....enjoy the food, sometime it IS worth it to feel like crap!!

Puttin' Down Roots said...

Oh, I'm definitely already a follower!

Kristi said...

so fun- (ask wendy if she is done my pictures!)
how come you won't ship to Canada? ;)

Eunice said...

Have fun! Are you going by yourself? Why don't you pop over to Nashville while you're out and about?!?