Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rip Van Winkle

Last Sunday, I went in search of Autumn. I didn't see much, just a few red berries, and a hint of yellow in the Aspen.

I was tired, so I decided to sit down in a grove of trees and rest my eyes for a minute.

I think I had a really good nap because at some point, I woke up with a start, and a giant dog was staring at me face to face.

It scared me to death!

Then I heard a girl call "Eden, Eden! Here boy!" which was really weird because that's my son's name.

I wondered if I was dreaming.

But I wasn't dreaming because the dog slobbered on me. Then he barked and ran to some women who were out for a walk.

I must have looked like a hobo lying against the tree with my blanket because they were all laughing.

Remind me not to doze off again like that in the woods, will you?

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