Wednesday, October 6, 2010

And Then There Was the Dance.

It's weird when your daughter is old enough to go to a high school dance.  Weird, and a  bit frightening.  Wasn't she just playing dress up?  Wasn't I just telling her to stay in the yard and not run out into the street?  Wasn't I just telling teaching her not to talk to strangers?

I thought I was worried  then.  Those worries were nothing.  Those worries were just the baby steps for bigger worries . . . like dating and driving, and serious dating, and leaving home, and even more serious dating, and getting married.      Oh my head hurts.  Make it stop!!!

This year, Claire went to her first dance with a group of girl friends.   Such beautiful, beautiful girls.  Wouldn't you agree that I have big reasons to worry.

Next year . . . . next year, the worries get a little bigger.  I'm going to be a wreck.  Claire will be old enough to date AND drive.  I am so dreading that -- the day she backs out of the driveway and drives off on her own.  I think I'm going to have a constant "deer in the headlights" look on my face. Panic -- that's what you will see when you look me in the eyes.   

Will you do me a favor?  Please humor me when it happens, and just ignore that look.

Is it ok to start worrying about that now, cuz I confess, I have been worrying -- just a little bit.  It's probably not ok, huh?  I need to savor my last few months of a semi-peaceful mind.  

How in the world do you mothers with lots of kids do it?  How?  The waiting up at night until everyone is safe at home?  Do you have a secret stash of chocolate under your bed?   Do you get ANY sleep?

I'm definitely taking up some serious yoga and meditation.   I'm going to need it.  


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Oh my gosh she looks beautiful :)

Genevieve said...

They are so pretty!!! I'm so scared for those years!! I was just telling my hubs we need to lock our girls up ;)

Jenni said...

They are all so pretty and look at Claire...she won Homecoming Princess?!

I am glad I have a quite a few years until I have to "deal" with this!