Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I Like the Word "Galoshes."

Last night I woke up to the sound of thunder.  It was exciting because that never happens around here.  Even better was the light show.   Lightening for hours on end.  I didn't get any sleep, but I loved being in bed listening to the rain.  I was actually looking forward to getting up this morning because I had new galoshes that I was finally going to have a chance to wear.

But at 5:00 a.m. Claire came in and started rustling in the closet.

"You better not be after my new galoshes!  You have your own!"  I said in a panic.

"Yeah, but I need these!" she replied as she made her way out the door.  Why in the world does she do that????  It drives me nuts.

But, I was too lazy to chase after her, it was too cozy under all my blankets.  

Plus, I didn't worry to much about it because truth be told, I like her new galoshes
better than mine.

I think we just made a spontaneous trade.


It's going to be the best day.  I love being out in the rain with galoshes. (Can you tell I love saying that word.)   And the best, best part is homemade chili for dinner.  Recipe here.

Post Script: If you are looking for a cute pair of galoshes, check Target online. They have the best selection, and the best price.


Laura said...

Where did you get the galoshes pictured? I love all the colors (I'm already picturing all the outfits they could go with)!

crystal b. said...

I got the galoshes at http://www.sperrytopsider.com They might be out of that style. But check Target online, they had adorable galoshes for around $25.00.

Jenni said...

love 'em! i also love that claire steals all of your stuff, you are a hip mama! i used to do that with my mom too!