Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nemesis No. 2

My dog Elfie made a discovery last night that has rocked her world.   We were sitting on the sofa enjoying a night of prime time television when all of the sudden, Elfie started growling.  The kind of growl reserved for intruders, and danger lurking around the corner.   It would not stop.  She growled and growled for a good ten minutes.   But I couldn't figure out what had her so upset.   

I checked the front door -- nothing.  I checked the back door -- nothing.  I looked in the closets.  I even wondered if there was a mouse in the house.  There wasn't, thank heavens.

Then I followed her line of vision.   Sitting upon on the fireplace mantel was my newest Halloween decoration.

It's been there for weeks, but Elfie only just made the discovery of its appearance in our living room. She does not like it. Not one bit.

I took the black cat off the mantle and set it on the floor. The growling erupted into intense barking. Elfie even jumped off the sofa to assume the attack position -- which by the way she has only done once before when we had another dog living with us . . . that she did not like.  AT. ALL.

Poor Murphy Brown -- Nemesis No. 1, didn't stand a chance.  Elfie hated him from the minute he walked in the door. We had to find Murph another place to live, but that's another story.

Well . . . all I have to say is that Elfie is going to have to suck it up. I'm not getting rid of this cat -- even if the rest of the family hates it too.


Natasha said...

Hilarious! Elfie is sure a cute dog!

Jenni said...

ha! too funny!

if you need a home for that cat, i could find a place for such a fab decoration! love it!

Eunice said...

Um, the cat is a bit creepy. I don't blame Elfie. What are the teeth made out of?

Julie said...

I'm with Eunice on this one! Sorry, Crystal, that is a creepy cat! How could Elfie have missed it?!?

Kim said...

Your dog is so cute....our family is starting to think about adding a dog, but I never had a dog growing up. What kind of dog is Elfie? So cute! My kids are 11,9,&6 so I think this type of dog might be perfect for our family. LMK your opinion :)

crystal b. said...

The cat is SUPER creepy -- but that was the whole point of buying it -- Halloween creepiness. The teeth are made of plastic.

Kim, my dog is a yorkie/poodle and it's the greatest dog I've ever owned. I picked this breed because I am very allergic to pet fur, and this dog does not shed at all -- she has hair, not fur. She has a very sweet nature, and is super smart. If you get one, make sure you expose her to lots of people from the very beginning so that she will be friendly. And crate train her if you can. We didn't do that. It took about a year to train her to go to the bathroom outside, but she's great now. Let me know if you get one!!