Thursday, October 21, 2010


It's still rainy and cold outside, which for some reason forces me to stay home and work on projects.

Here's what I got done yesterday . . . .

Worked on my booth for the Queen Bee market.

I got an early start on the holiday madness and canned some raspberry jalapeno jelly for Christmas gifts -- recipe here.  If you are looking for something to give teachers and neighbors . . . this is super easy and oh so good.

And believe it or not, I worked for two, count em' two hours trying to clean off my desk.  Here it is the middle of October, and I'm still not done organizing my craft room.  Agh.  I really hate this project.


Eunice said...

I hope you post pictures of your Queen Bee booth. Wish I could be there in person.

tomiannie said...

I feel so much better about life knowing that your craft desk looks like mine. Insanity breeds creativity, right?

Kristi said...

so glad you aren't done cleaning up your room= i have barely made a dent in mine! (yesterday afternoon I did spend the whole time getting stuff done though, but not cleaned up!)

Lesa said...

Just stopping by to say hi.
I ran across your blog on Bee guidebook.

You have a nice blog!!

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

Love the paint color! And your desk is just about as bad as mine. Makes me need a big fat soda to get through it. With nugget ice.

meg duerksen said...

my craft room looks similar!

send me a picture of your thanksgiving crafts!
my kids love anything with m&m's!

jasmine bailey-barfuss said...

I LOVE your art desk and I love my bling! Thank you so much for the beautiful earrings and that GORGEOUS big flower!! I can't wait to bling it in my dreads the next time I go to the opera! Thank you!!!