Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"Scotty, take the bridge."

Sunday afternoon we went out for a drive.   As we got in the car, there was a change in the standard arrangement.   Matt said "Scotty, take the bridge."  But, he wasn't talking to me.  Look who's at the wheel practicing her skills.

Those of us in the back seat were gripping the hand rails and spontaneously braking the floor. But we shouldn't have . . . because Claire actually did a good job.  We all survived to tell the tale.


Post Script:  If you are trying to figure out what the post title means, you are not a Star Trek fan.


Genevieve said...


Nanette said...

Don't tell my husband, but sometimes I grip the handrail and push my imaginary brake with him...and he has been driving for quite a long time.

Your daughter is so gorgeous by the way, truly a stunning girl.

Kristi said...

my oldest has his learners. I am afraid. but he does okay too. scary times!

Natasha said...

Eden's face is hilarious! Glad you survived.

Jenni said...

yay! what a big moment!