Friday, October 8, 2010

What Do They Know?

Last month, Emily Falconbridge taught me how to make a wool felted scarf.   I loved the process -- dipping wet wool roving into water and making a pattern atop bubble wrap.  It was calming, and as I worked I let my mind wander.    It's nice to have moments like that -- when you can create and feel peaceful at the same time.

This morning it was cold and rainy outside so I pulled out my scarf.  I ran my hand over the wool and remembered my day with Emily and the rest of the women who worked along side me.  I liked the way it turned out -- organic with colors that remind me of moss and berries.    I put on my scarf, and went downstairs to start the day.  It felt warm around my neck which was nice, because the rest of me was cold. 

Eden stared at me and said "What is that thing?  You look like you are being attacked by ivy, and moss that you pulled out of some pond!"  I took him about 2 minutes to recover from laughing.

Then Matt added his two cents -- "You look like you are being strangled by sea weed."  (This coming from a man who wears Dr. Scholls orthopedic shoes that squeak.)

Thank heavens I have a daughter.  She said  "I think it's pretty cool -- sort of Anthropology-ish.  Where did you get it?"

"I made it."  I said.    Claire smiled with raised eyebrows, which means "Way to go."   

I don't care what anyone says . . . I like my scarf -- and so does Claire.


Nanette said...

I think it looks great, you go ahead and wear it with pride!

Lyndsay said...

Love it! I mailed you a big tube today. Weeee!