Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Baby That Never Grows Up

At our house, we have a baby that will never grow up, and I am glad, because the girl that is holding her in this photo is leaving for college in 2 years, and I need something to fall back on when it happens.

It's a good thing that after 10 years, my kids finally talked me into getting a dog.  I resisted, let me tell you.  But, I love Elphie, more than I could have imagined, which surprised me because I always made fun of people who were ga-ga over their pets.  

I remember sitting at dance lessons when Claire was young, listening to a woman talk about being depressed because her dog had died two weeks ago.  At the time, I thought to myself "Get over it already!"  But now I know.   My heart will break into a million pieces when Elphie dies.  Just thinking about it brings a tear to my eye.

I apologize to "Dance Lady" and all of you pet lovers out there.


Genevieve said...

love the bows!

Crissa Pollmann Robertson said...

I always made fun of people who dressed their dogs I love doing it. Max was a cheerleader for Halloween :)

Natasha said...

Elphie is so cute! I'm glad she won you over. And yes, it is super, super hard to lose a dog.

Cute name! Was she named after Elphaba from Wicked?

crystal b. said...

Yes, we named her after Elphaba -- love that play!!!