Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My 15 Minutes of Fame -- Sort'a

I've been paying a visit to my mail box every day for two weeks, which is unlike me -- I usually leave that task to someone else in the house.   Want to know why??  I've been waiting for this!!  Holiday with Matthew Mead.

After months of anticipation, it finally arrived.  I spent a few hours pouring over it yesterday.   I have to tell you . . . . if you didn't buy one, you need to get one.  It's stunningly beautiful and full of great ideas and resources.  Matthew Mead and crew put their hearts and souls into this "Bookazine" and it shows on every page.

But . . .  the page I like best is this one.

Yup.  Number 7 is Crystal B!!

Matthew, Jenny, Linda and the rest of you at Holiday, I am honored to be a part of your first issue.

Post Script:   Did you know I'm having a giveaway on my giveaway blog?  What are you waiting for . . . get over there and enter!!

Post Post Script:  If you haven't got a copy of Holiday yet, click on this button.  You can only buy it online.  Tell Matthew, Crystal B sent you.


Jenni said...

yea! congratulations! what an accomplishment! so proud of you!

Kim said...

where can i find a copy of this NOW? {like i don't have to order online} borders? b&N?? any ideas???

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

I think that might be the first picture of you I've ever seen. Just so you know. Yer purty!

west coast nester said...

I have "almost" ordered that magazine a dozen times. You have me officially sold. My husband will not thank you since my growing obsession with print may put me on the next season of Hoarders.

On another note, I peeked at your etsy store I found a necklace that I can not live without. Going to peak some more I am inspired!

Genevieve said...

So exciting!!

Rosie said...

Way to go! I have thought about ordering that-saw NieNie talk about it. Perhaps I will have to do it now that my friend is part of it!!!

{april kennedy} said...

oh my gosh...congrats! i haven't received my copy in the mail yet...hopefully any day now!

it was fun meeting you at QBM. hope to see you at the next one, hope to get Lyndsay there and hope to chat more!