Monday, November 8, 2010

Oops, I Did it Again!!

This post should make all of you bloggers out there feel a little bit better about yourselves.

A few days ago, I locked my keys in the car right after I dropped kids off at school. Have you ever done that? It is soooooo irritating! I didn't have a spare key because someone who was kind enough to clean out my car for me a few months ago accidentally threw them away. I won't name any names -- it was a scandal that I'm sure that person does not want to revisit any time soon.

I had to call my good friends at AAA who have been visiting me a lot lately. Have I mentioned how much I love AAA (The answer is "yes", on several occasions.) Charles showed up and rescued me so that I could get on with my hundreds of pre-Halloween errands. To show my appreciation, I gave him a spider cupcake and sent him on his way.

Well, it's only been how many days since Halloween . . . eight, and this morning, I DID IT AGAIN!!!!!

I locked my keys in the car!!! How in the world did I do that twice within 8 days????? I seriously haven't locked my keys in my car for at least 20 years, and now twice in 8 days???? What is wrong with me?

I blame Queen Bee Market. I am consumed with worry about getting ready for that big event which is this weekend. (Are you going??? You should!)

So I went into the house and made the call. I'm now on a first name basis with the dispatch man -- Ron. I think he knows my address by heart.

I was crossing my fingers that Charles would not show up again so that I did not have to explain how I locked my keys in the car twice in eight days. Way too embarrassing. Plus, I didn't have any cupcakes laying around and I didn't want him to be disappointed.

Fortunately, AAA sent Louis instead. But he had some troubles. Try as he might, he couldn't get the car door unlocked -- because I drive a Lexus and according to Matt, they are the ultimate challenge for a tow truck guy because it takes super eye-hand coordination skills to open the door and flip the unlock button at the same time.  Lewis lacked the skills.   But, I don't fault him for that because I couldn't even manage to help him.   He was resourcful though . . . he  immediately called for backup.

Quick as a flash, Robert showed up and had the door unlocked within 1 minute. He left so fast that I didn't even have time to snap a picture. It was like a super hero movie where you hear the person who was just rescued  say "Who was that masked man???"

I think I need to break down and buy a spare key for the car. And in case you are wondering why I haven't done this already -- they cost over $300.00, which is a lot more than a AAA membership.  (I think I should be their spokeswomen, don't you?)

P.S.  Don't tell Matt . . . or my kids . . . or I will never live this down.  Never.


Jenni said...

poor thing!

now you have me singing brittany the rest of the day! awesome!

Crissa Pollmann Robertson said...

does your car have on star? You just call them and they can unlock your car over the phone. Best thing ever!

Puttin' Down Roots said...

how do you do that? My car will not lock without the keys in my hand. Love that! SOrry though, I know you don't have time for that. At least you were at home though! Call me if you ever need a ride ;)

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

Oh, my, Hades. A $300 key? that would be why I hate technology. What happened to just going to Home Depot or something and having a duplicate made??

But I love AAA, too. When your husband drives a 1963 VW Beetle, AAA is your best friend.

Jordi said...

Gotta love the keys with the chips in them! I locked my keys in the car at the gas station blocking a pump. And already annoyed with myself this moron started yelling at me to move! He was very politely told off! LOL!

Kim said...

I have locked my keys in the car on several occasions and also while it was running years ago before all the technology that is in cars now.
I also THOUGHT I locked the keys in my rental car this year, but I actually threw them away in the hotel lobby....ha! So I had the locksmith come and open the door and then the keys were not I started backtracking my steps...and there they were in the garbage! Ha! That was a real embarassing moment. Thanks for all your them