Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tender Moments Make Me Cry.

I was at a holiday craft fair this morning in support of the high school water polo team.   It was a hot sunny day and I stood outside my booth with two of my friends.  We were chatting away, and all of the sudden in mid-sentence, we all went silent -- and started crying at the very same time.   It was because of what was happening right in front of us.

A high school girl on the water polo team who was working in the Krispy Creme booth, looked up and saw her dad -- who had just returned from a tour of duty overseas.  He was in uniform --- he literally just came home, and he went straight to the craft fair to surprise her.  She ran over and jumped in his arms and started crying.   And so did we -- all of us who watched it happen.

Witnessing a moment like this between a military father and a daughter is powerful. It leaves you speechless and all you can do is watch, smile, and feel grateful for the people who serve our country -- and the families who sacrifice for all of us.

After a few minutes, the crowd started cheering, and I heard someone yell "Thank you. Thank you so much for serving our Country."

I started crying all over again, and so did my friends.

I would have included a picture, but the one I got with my cell phone was of our chins and chests. And we all agreed we weren't going to post a picture of that -- it sort of takes away from the feeling of the moment.


Karen Tapahe said...

I used to think these emotional reunions were rare, but I experienced it for myself a couple of weeks ago when my younger brother came home from Afghanistan. His little boy was the first to run up to him. He was so happy to have his daddy back after six months of coming home from school to tell his pillow (with daddy's picture on it) how his day was. People in the airport broke into applause everywhere my brother went and it was absolutely amazing. I'm glad you got to witness this kind of experience.

Jenni said...

knot in throat...tears in my eyes.

what a moment to witness.

makes me think of my of my little brother and his reunion with his two kids when he come home from a year of duty oversees in Bahrain.

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

We are so blessed to have such people willing to volunteer. Awesome.