Saturday, December 4, 2010


Over the years, I have met many wonderful women. And in almost every case, I have discovered that each has a unique thread that when woven with my own creates the "warp and weft" of friendship. If you know how to sew, or had the experience of weaving a Native American blanket over a cardboard loom in elementary school, these terms my sound familiar.

Warp threads are the core support in a piece of fabric -- giving the finished piece body and form.  They are strong and must be able to withstand tight stretching over a loom.  I have friends like this -- women who are my support system.  Valiant, with courage to withstand the storms of life.  They are organized and efficient, and know what to do in a crisis.  Their threads have given me strength when it is needed, and shaped me into the person I am today.

Weft threads are woven in and out of the warp, creating design and texture in the body of fabric.  They may be one color, or they may be multicolored.  When combined in different ways, they create patterns.  I have friends like this too -- creative and unique in their own special way.  They have shared their talents, knowledge and artistry with me, which has added beauty to the fabric of my life.

I am so thankful for dear friends.  I want you to meet some of them.  So, every now and then, I'm going to have a feature called "Threads."  I will introduce you to one of my friends, and they will write and tell you something about themselves.  It may be a talent, a recipe, a list of their favorite things, or random thoughts.  (It's up to them what they want to divulge.)  Maybe you will find something in common with them too.  If so, leave a comment and share your thread with us.


This week I would like you to meet my friend Eve.

Eve and I live in the same neighborhood and go to the same church. When she first moved to Temecula, our paths didn't cross much, but I kept hearing her name in conversations that went something like this:  "Crystal, you need to get to know Eve . . . you guys have so much in common!" Not long after that, we finally met helping out at a youth activity.  I discovered that we did have a lot in common -- we both have husbands who love to work on cars.  We both have a passion for fabric, and suffer from fabric hoarding -- me worse than Eve. We also love yarn, and Anthropologie, and  retro pretty much anything.  We both love chartreuse mixed with peacock green.  In fact, Eve wore those colors to church today.  She borrowed a skirt from her sister-in-law who happens to be Wendy of  Blue Lilly fame.   Is Eve lucky or what.  She can get her picture taken for free any time she wants (which incidentally she just did -- didn't it turn out cute!!)

Eve has definitely woven a weft thread through the fabric of my life -- and in my imagination, the thread is a brilliant red.  Eve has red hair that I covet.  And she has an Etsy shop called Little Red Wren.  You simply must visit her shop if you have little ones.  Eve makes thee cutest cloths for girls and boys . . . and fabric crowns! (I'm wishing that she would make me a crown for my birthday. I should put that on my wish list, huh.)

So meet my sweet friend Eve with flowing red hair, and creative hands, who is daring enough to share her letter to Santa with us:

Dear Santa,

You owe me. The year was 1987. I decided that I was going to believe in you after all, even though my parents had never given me a reason to. All I wanted was a Cornsilk Cabbage Patch Doll, and you totally let me down. I bet you feel super bad about it, even 23 years later. So I thought I'd help give you some ideas on how to make it up to me. (You're welcome.)

Idea Number One:

Just the right amount of whimsy for my bed.

Idea Number Two:

Just the right amount of sparkle for my life.

Idea Number Three: This pretty pretty feedsack bag. It's just so perfect.

Idea Number Four:

Go to Forever 21. Yes, I realize you, a gazillion year old man in a red suit, will stick out like a sore thumb. But you pretty much get that wherever you go, right? Not really my problem. Anyway, go to Forever 21 and buy enough of their pretty cosmetics to fill my stocking. You won't even have to spend that much, probably less than the purchase price of a Cornsilk Cabbage Patch Doll plus inflation.

There you have it. I know we've had a rocky relationship for the past 30 years, Santa, but you have the opportunity to turn it all around this year. And in return, I'll bake you up a plate of my chocolate chip cookies (and I make pretty good chocolate chip cookies).

Love, Eve

p.s. If you want to get off to a good start with the next generation, how about this Sleepy Little Fox for my boy-child...

...and maybe this modern dollhouse for my girl?

p.p.s. Actually, if you come up with that last item, I promise to forgive you of your past negligence and any future as well.


Eve said...

I feel so lucky to be a thread in your life. I heard the same things when I was new in the ward, "Oh you sew? You should meet Crystal!". I regret that it took as long as it did.

I loved sitting by you today, especially the part where you put an abrupt end to the meeting thanks to me distracting you. Pretty much my favorite RS moment ever. :)

crystal b. said...

Yeah, I'm still mortified over that one Eve. I think it's time for me to get hearing aids. I was wondering why everyone had a "deer in the headlights" look when I sat down. :)

Jenni said...

this is so cute! eve sounds like an amazing thread to have, you are a lucky girl and boy is she that letter to santa, was cracking up!

whitty-acres said...

I just love eve. She has changed my life, honestly. I will always look up to her- she's just a creative giant.