Monday, November 29, 2010

Weekend Update

It all started with Harry Potter.  I neglected to mention last week that we went to the midnight premier.   I don't know what it is with kids and watching movies at midnight, but it seems to be the thing to do around  these parts.  My friend Chanin, Matt and I were the designated parents.  It was mighty cold sitting outside until all hours, but lots of fun.   And the movie . . . Harry Potter never disappoints.

Thanksgiving at our house was quiet -- just Matt, Eden, Claire and me. I found it weird. Thanksgiving is for big crowds of family and kids running all over the place.  Our family was in Utah celebrating without us. We missed them. But, we tried to have fun anyway. We spent the majority of the day in the kitchen.  "We" meaning all of us.   Eden, Claire and Matt each cooked up their favorite Thanksgiving dish -- a tradition that began the year I thew my back out and could not move. I told my family then "If you want a turkey dinner, it's up to you." They did the entire meal and it was fabulous. They've been in the kitchen every year since then, and I tell you it's lots more fun than doing the entire thing alone.

We also went to movies, rode trains, raced go-carts, played video games and ate lots of leftovers -- my favorite part of this holiday.

Last night, however, we were struck with misfortune when the stuffing strata burned to a charred black crisp. The entire house filled with smoke and smelled like a campfire gone awry. It still does. And my new casserole pan met its demise, which was quite sad since I burned two new pots last week when I forgot about the balsamic reduction that was cooking away on the stove. I am pleased to tell you, however, that the fire alarms are in great working condition. My neighbors across the street can hear them just fine.


Jenni said...

sounds like a great way to cook dinner, all together or nothing at all! LOVE IT!

this year was the first year that we kept it pretty small too and it felt unThanksgivinglike (i know, not a word, but it is today). it was still a wonderful day that we shared together, just different.

glad the alarms are working! we have a sprinkler system in our house and i am always so paranoid that when it gets smokey in the house (i tried to boil oil on wednesday, blonde moment for sure) that they are going to turn on and everything will get ruined! hasn't happened yet...

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

Your kitchen is beautiful, even if you are minus a few pots and casserole dishes!

I can't wait to have a Thanksgiving on our own. It gets really old going to someone else's house all the time and never having leftovers. We are always at my mom's house or my MIL's house, and then we cook our own turkey and fixings the next day. It kinda stinks. Your day sounds perfect to me!

steelebjm said...

Your family is so cute! And it's so reassuring to know that eventually kids can actually HELP in the kitchen...;)

west coast nester said...

LOL! Oh my goodness sounds like an exciting turkey day. What fun memories you are making. Hope the stink goes away.

Ps, the maple dressing salad was a huge hit!