Monday, November 22, 2010

What's on Your Wish List . . . .Lyndsay?

Meet my friend Lyndsay. I've talked about her a lot. She's the genius behind all my cool graphics, and the creator of The Blog Guidebook. We became cyber friends a couple of years ago when I asked her to create a banner for my Etsy shop.  This summer, I paid her a visit and we spent an afternoon together while her husband Wes taught Eden about video editing. Can I tell you how much fun it is to meet blogging friends in person. It really is. You just pick right up with conversation and it's like you've been friends forever.  I'm hoping I get more opportunities like that -- to meet blogging friends.  If you come to Southern California, you better give me a call.

So, here's Lyndsay and her wish list.

I literally didn't even sit down and think about what my personal wants and needs are for Christmas until tonight. I crafted a post on my personal blog, here, listing mostly over-the-top gifts I would love to find under the tree (or in my garage...ahem). But my realistic list is a whole other thing! That's a bit harder. I can't get away from ideas for the rest of the family. So here are some gifts that I would love to give, as well as some I'd love to receive. Enjoy!

For the photographer in my life:

For the librarians in my life (of which there are two):
Postcards from Penguin: One Hundred Book Covers in One Box.

These beauties for the seamstresses in my life:
Miniature scissors by Sajou found HERE.
I plan to make these for the wee ones in my life:
PDF patterns found at mmmcraft's Etsy shop HERE.

And to make my life a little easier:
Rainboots by Crocs (found HERE)—I can't wear rubber rain boots,
so I was very excited to find these!

Purse from Anthropologie 
(which makes it a long shot gift, yet highly desirable)

Post Script from Crystal: I so want a pair of these scissors. I need to keep a pair around my neck on a chain at all times.


Natasha said...

What a fun idea to have guest bloggers. I love their ideas!

Do you do any crafts, centerpieces etc for Thanksgiving?!

Kim said...

Love all of her items....I tried to find a place on her blog to email you now if she still does blog makeovers? I love yours...and hers :P

west coast nester said...

I love that purse, I have had my eye on that one for a while. I am planning and we will see how it goes on doing a homemade Christmas only. Since everyone describes me as the chic with the flower, I have been making flower necklaces, bracelets, rings and maybe a flower wreath. I am sure all the women I know will be totally surprised. Who needs sleep, it is completely over rated anyways!

west coast nester said...

I just had a thought, anyone interested in a homemade swap?