Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Crisis in the Kitchen of Mrs. Claus

It's true -- there was a crisis of epic proportions in the kitchen of Mrs. Claus just a few days before Christmas. Elfie the wonder dog was an eyewitness to the whole thing.

It's a little known fact that Mrs. Claus bakes homemade cupcakes for the children in her neighborhood that have been extra, extra good during the year.   Let me be clear when I say that "the neighborhood" refers to the Claus summer house in the Redhawk development of Temecula, which was divulged in a prior post; and "extra, extra good" means just that --  "extra, extra good." "Sort of good" doesn't cut it when it comes to homemade cupcakes.

About a week before Christmas, Santa gives Mrs. Claus the Extra Good list, and she bakes chocolate chip cupcakes with candy cane frosting that she has the elves deliver on her behalf, along with a secret note.  It's a tradition she faithfully keeps, that is unless fate is not kind and does something to thwart her well thought out plans.   That's what happened this year -- Mrs. Claus met with disaster.

It was late at night on a stormy evening, the day before Mr. and Mrs. Claus were to leave for the North Pole. In spite of the wet weather, and impending deadlines, all was going well in the Claus kitchen.  Warm smells of chocolate wafted through the house, and frosting was getting fluffy in the mixer just as the second batch of cupcakes went into the oven.   Minutes later, the smoke alarms went off and billowing smoke filled the whole house.  Mrs. Claus is used to smoke alarms, but this time, they did not shut off after she opened the Summer House doors and windows.   She called for the head elf, who opened the oven door and discovered fire, and charred cupcakes.   The Ef went into emergency mode, promptly put out the fire, and took the oven apart only to discover a rogue piece of tin foil that had fallen into the wiring and caused the whole debacle.  Turns out a junior elf was a little careless when making meringue cookies a few weeks prior.

Sadly, the poor Extra Good children of Redhawk did not receive their cupcakes this year. Mrs. Claus could not get the oven going before she left for the North Pole. It was a dark day indeed.

I hope Mrs. Claus gets a few brownie points for good intentions. That poor woman just had way too much on her plate this year. And those elves . . . you just never know what they are going to do when they are set loose in the kitchen.

But let it be known that Mrs. Claus tried -- she really did.  And that should count for something.


dandee said...

Could you be more darling?

Jenni said...

oh nooooooooo, poor mrs. claus! my heart is breaking for her right now!!!

Sharon said...

That is a true crisis! By the way--you look amazing!!!!

meg duerksen said...

oh my gosh!!! i totally see cheryl tieggs! i am not kidding. you DO look like her.