Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday Greetings From Our House to Yours

I don't know about you, but come holiday season, time just gets away from me.  I have all these good intentions -- baking, service, decorating, and Christmas cards, Christmas movies . . . you know, you probably have that same list.   But, every year the same thing happens.  I hit panic mode and more than half of my good intentions never happen.  It makes me a little mad.  One of these days, I really want to get everything on that list done. 

One thing that has consistently never happened is a Christmas card.  We haven't sent one out in over 15 years.  Sad huh.  I always feel so guilty about this because we get so many beautiful cards from family and friends.  Darling family portraits, and letters recapping the year.   And we never send anything in return.  To those of you who feel shunned -- we are soooo sorry.  It's not deliberate.   I'm just not good at time management.

This year, however, I got smart.  I made a card online.   It took 10 minutes -- which in my scattered world is do-able.

So here it is . . . the first ever holiday greeting from the Beutler family. (The link below . . . not this post.)

We hope you enjoy it.

(Thank you Pam, my techno friend.  It wouldn't have happened without you.) 


Jenni said...

very cute!

we actually made one of these (all 5 of us teachers) for our students! each one is stinking hilarious, no matter who is in the pictures! love the elf yourself!

Angie said...

Seriously funny. I made Chris watch it with me from the email tonight. Awesome. :)