Friday, December 17, 2010

The Miracle at Rubios

A couple of nights ago, Eden and I were out running errands.  We stopped by Rubios for a fish taco -- something we do on a weekly basis.  Rubios fish tacos are one of my weaknesses in life.  I've loved those things since the day I first moved to San Diego over 22 years ago. Apparently lots of Temeculuans who live in my part of town love Rubios too because the place is always busy. This particular night was no exception. Almost every table was occupied by a family with kids of various ages.  As we walked in the door, Christmas music was playing in the background and everyone seemed in good spirits.

As Eden and I sat there waiting for our food, the Christmas song Feliz Navidad started playing over the loud speakers.  I don't know about you, but when that song plays I can't help but tap my toes.  It reminds me of every elementary school holiday performance that Claire and Eden were a part of.  I can still see their little faces donned in Santa hats, singing with gusto in the kiddie choir.  Good times.

As the music played, Eden and I started spontaneously dancing and singing as we sang along in our horrible Spanish . . . "Feliz Navidad, Feliz Navidad Prospero Ano y Felicidad."  

We like to dance at the table, and we do it often. Almost as often as we eat at Rubios. I guess I should define "restaurant dancing" as it applies to my family. We don't stand up and start dancing all over the place. We sit. But our upper bodies are moving, are toes are tapping and we sing along to the music. We look like total idiots, but it's so much fun. We can't help ourselves. It just happens.

But here's the thing. As we were singing and dancing away, I looked around and discovered that every single customer was doing the exact same thing! Everyone was singing and dancing at the table with their families.  Heads were bobbing, arms were flailing, fingers were snapping.   Grandmothers were dancing with grandchildren. Husbands were dancing with wives.  Even the cooks were moving and singing. And no one even noticed that it was happening.  They were all engrossed in the spontaneous moment at their own table.

It was a Christmas miracle right there in Rubios -- an unrehearsed Glee moment, and the joy of being with people you love.  

I am so glad I was there to be a part of it.


Nanette said...

My secret wish is that I go to the grocery store and the whole place ignites into spontaneous song and dance (just like the old musicals) and the bag boys finish it up with a synchronized shopping cart ditty. This post gives me hope that I am one step closer to my dream!

annie said...

oh, i've always wanted something like this to happen (like in My Best Friend's Wedding... know what i mean?), so i'm totally jealous... how fun!