Friday, December 3, 2010

One Man's Junk is Another Man's Treasure

This morning I took a road trip with friends out to the orange groves near Escondido to a charming little cottage that was once owned by Betty Crocker.  Yes, I mean thee Betty Crocker, as in cookbook.   Did you know that she once lived in Southern California??  I didn't.  I would have guessed mid west near Dorothy of Wizard of Oz fame.   It just seems like a place where a good cook would live.

Well, next to the house formerly owned by Betty, is an old barn where on occasion, a group of not-so friendly-ladies host a vintage boutique of sorts.  They have a smelly little dog that sits on the checkout counter wearing an outlandish costume -- not your typical dog outfit -- outlandish!   Today the dog was elaborately dressed as an angel, and you had to pity the poor little guy -- he looked miserable.

The barn is full of all kinds of vintage goodness.  Sometimes, like today, it's just hard to choose what to bring home.  I walked in the door and instantly found three things I just had to have, so I asked one of the Not-So-Friendly ladies to hold all of them at the front for me while I continued to look around.

When I got to the checkout counter, no one seemed to know where my three items had been placed. I had to stand there for 30 minutes smelling the dog.  Finally, the red headed Not-So-Nice woman (who incidentally is rudest, of the Not-So-Nice) returned to the counter and adjusted the dog's wings, while she said "Those things aren't yours, they belong to someone else named Sharon."

Then, I looked outside and saw two women fighting over my treasures!  Did I mention that neither one of them was named Sharon, which got my panties in a dither, I'll tell you.  So I spent the next 20 minutes battling the Not-So-Nice clerks, and two women not named Sharon for treasure that I'm sure most people would walk right past.   You will be happy to know that I did not back down even when the Not-So-Nice redhead gave me the evil eye. 

Turns out the Not-So-Nice blond had written the wrong name on all my "Doggone-it, this has been sold to ______" stickers.  She thought I had said "My name is Sharon."  I can understand the mistake.  Sharon sure does sound a lot Crystal -- if you live in a foreign country and don't speak English.

I think Betty Crocker would have been mortified.

Post Script:  Yes, Kathy, the statue reminds me of Mrs. Meers from Thoroughly Modern Millie.  I'm putting her on my stair landing so I can greet her every day with "Oh . . . shoo-show, shoo-show!"


Eunice said...

I had no idea that Betty Crocker had lived in San Diego.

So, you got your three treasures, right? Now I understand the chair and the table, but I'm not 'feeling' the statue. Does it remind you of Thoroughly Modern Millie?

Jenni said...

sharon...crystal?! ummmm, not even close?!

glad you walked away the winner!

Eve said...

I didn't even know Betty Crocker was a real person! That is awesome that you fought the good fight and won your treasures. So obnoxious, I'm sure there were no apologies for the mix-up.

Puttin' Down Roots said...

You GO GIRL!!!!!!

Bobette said...

I want to see your cute treasures in your house!! Post pics. Even of the scary statue that would give me nightmares possibly.... :)