Friday, December 17, 2010

Yes Virginia - There is a Santa Claus, and He Lives in Temecula

Every Monday through Friday I weave through the back streets of Temecula driving the car pool to the middle school.   It's a pretty boring ride until we get to the last street on our route.    That last bend in the road is always exciting because you just never know what you will find.  We've nicked named this street "Radical Drive"  because most of the houses have broken free of all "homeowner's association" rules and Temecula traditions.  The residents pretty much do whatever they want, which the car pool finds exciting.

We pass the house with the huge Bat Signal painted on the driveway, the house that has a garage painted in the colors of their favorite sport's team, the house with trash in front yard, the house with a giant wood stump on the front sidewalk, and the 20 or so houses that refuse to water their lawns.  

I love this part of the drive because it makes for some hilarious conversation -- especially if we discover a dead possum in the road.  Bat Man house usually gets the blame for hitting the possum.

Last week, we discovered that a celebrity lives on Radical Drive.  Well, I should say, "I" discovered that a celebrity lives there, because I'm the only one who actually saw him.

The day started out just like every other day, but as I passed the Tree Stump house, I saw a man sitting on the stump dressed in long johns.  He was big and round, with a white beard, rosy cheeks, and little round glasses.  He looked just like Santa!!!    And right next to him was a huge pot bellied pig!  That's right, a pot bellied pig. I had to look twice just to make sure I wasn't seeing things.

I said to the car pool "You guys!!! Did you just see that! Santa is sitting on the Stump in his underwear and he has a pot bellied pig!!!" 

They weren't paying any attention. They missed the whole thing. I was a little disappointed, because they are unusually so observant.  They all yelled Back Up!!!  But, there were too many cars on the road to back up and take a second look, so they had to miss all the excitement of seeing Santa in front of his very own summer house.

Well, today, I had to drive Eden to school an hour later than usual. He had to finish a video presentation for one of his classes. As we drove down Radical Drive, guess who we saw . . . 

Santa!!!!!!   He was just pulling out of the driveway and was on the road right in front of us.  I screamed at Eden.  "There he is!!!!  I told you he lived in the Tree Stump house!  Get the camera!!!! He must be on the way to the North Pole . . . or Walmart."

So Eden grabbed my phone and tried to snap a photo while I followed Santa down the road.  Sadly, he turned the corner before we could get a good shot at his face.  We would never make it as paparazzi.

I am so excited to know where Santa lives because you better believe that next year, I am going right up to his front door, and ring the bell.  And then, when he and the pot bellied pig answer, I'm personally going to invite him to our church Christmas party.  How cool would that  be to show up on Santa's arm!!

Folks, you heard it here first . . . Santa lives right here in Temecula on Radical Drive.  And not only does he have flying reindeer, he as a pot  bellied pig. 

Post Script:  In answer to my friend Eunice's question, "Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus" is a famous editorial that was published in the New York Sun in 1897.  You can read it here.


Eunice said...

But Santa lives in Nashville. I just saw him today and have picture proof. I think your Santa is an imposter.

Eunice said...

And, who's Virginia?

Lyndsay said...

Best post ever.

Sharon said...

Oh, I've seen him riding in his scooter on Butterfield Stage--but never in his Santa suit!

Juliet said...

Hi! I live in Temecula too (that's how I discovered your blog, doing a search to see who else is writing about life in our little corner of the world.) I have a question I'm hoping you can help me with. Our family was invited to the LDS baptism of our neighbors' eight year old daughter. We are Jewish and are not very familiar with this ceremony but would like to give her a small gift. Any suggestions for something I can get her locally this week? (It's next weekend.) Thank you!