Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Around Here.

Things are hopping around here today.  My closet purging continues and there is a pile of garbage outside by back door that is turning into a mountain.  Do you think I waited a little to long between purges?  I do.  

I took Eden to the orthodontist to see about braces -- but I'm the one who had to brace myself -- the cost!!!!!!  It's worth it in the end.  He will have a beautiful smile to go with his contagious laugh.

I'm making something delicious for dinner in the crock pot.   Don't you love one pot meals???? 

Tonight, I'm going to bed early so I can continue reading a great book!  I'm only into it about 100 pages, and I'm already enthralled.  If you are reader, you have to get this.   It's a good one! (Book club, you are missing out!!!!)

And best of all, it's a warm, sunny day outside, which means I will get to take a walk wearing shorts.  I think I might even get tan!  You've got to love that in January!

Post Script:   Can you tell I'm trying to focus on being grateful?  It helps me to do that when I'm in a funk.  Yup.  I'm suffering from Holiday Hangover.


Cabby Crafter said...

I envy you for having a sunny day. It's cold, snowy and wet where we are - that pot roast will surely warm us.

Kristi said...

I am jealous of the shorts. there are snow piles as high as me by the roads and driveways. yuck. I am totally feeling like my house is too small, so I am trying to get rid of stuff, so there is more room. it's not really working.

crystal b. said...

Kristi! That is exactly why I am purging. My house feels crowded, and it's not even snowing here!!!

meg duerksen said...

more pork?!! when will i be brave enough to try it?! :)

Vicki said...

yay! I just followed the link from Meg's Whatever site here today. What a fun blog you have! and your jewelry is GORGEOUS. I have no money, but will be drooling on the etsy site often. and ... ta tum!!! I'm reading The House at Riverton right now! Kate Morton is delicious. This is my first time reading her and I'm absolutely swept away. In fact, I'm off for more right now...

forr2girls said...

Do you still have those metal containers that were in your picture of the trash? I would love to have them... I could pay for shipping if you would send them to me.
Let me know....Thanks!

Michelle fallman said...

oh reminds me I need to purge my closet too!!!