Sunday, January 30, 2011

Gray Skies.

It's a blustery day here in Temecula.   Cloudy skies, cold air and rain. Lots of it.  I'd sort of gotten used to shorts weather.  But today, I had to put on two sweaters and crank up the heat, which the thermostat monitor did not appreciate.  I won't name names, because I'm guessing you have someone at your house that freaks out too - if you turn the dial past 67.  We call our thermostat monitor Mr. Krabs -- as in Sponge Bob. (In fact, I think there is even a Sponge Bob episode where Mr. Krabs tries to control the thermostat at the Krusty Crab. Everyone is covered in a layer of ice before he relents and turns up the heat.  Three out of four Beutlers found it quite amusing.)

I'm having a blustery day too -- which makes it hard to write.  Sometimes you get news that sits a little hard, and it takes a while to digest.  That's me today.  I'm digesting hard news.

I need a few days off to mull things over.  I will be back as soon as the skies clear and I can think straight.

This storm will pass. They always do. That's the good thing about blustery days -- they don't last forever. And, they make us appreciate the sunlight.


Jenni said...

hope that everything is ok...

thinking of you.

Bec said...

My family is going through some gray skies at the moment and I totally understand the funk and the need to just decompress. Praying things improve.

Kristi said...

One of the kids kept turning up the temp. in our house- it was driving Cory crazy- he put a note on it saying if anyone touched it he would make it permanently 16 degrees C. brr. the kids stopped changing it!
-my banner picture is by blue lily! I still really need to get some big ones printed and hung up!
the sun will come out tomorrow!(my girls have been watching annie lately!)

Eve said...

I'm sorry for your double gray skies day. Hope tomorrow's better.

xo, Eve

Genevieve said...

Hoping the digestive process is swift and easy :)