Thursday, January 20, 2011

Heavenly Days and a Fond Farewell

Heavenly days . . . I had lunch at Panera today with my friends Chanin and Julie.  Did I mention that we finally got a Panera here in Temecula?  One day I was at Costco loading up my car and I glanced across the street.  Low and Behold, there was a Panera Bread Company sign on a building that had been vacant for years!!  That's proof that even small prayers are answered.  Which means that some day, we are getting a Cafe Rio too.

I came home from lunch and went upstairs to Eden's room where sits a turtle tank, complete with turtle.   We've had the turtle over 7 years and he's never been given a name.   We just refer to him as "the Turtle."  I know, we are lame, huh?   I think I'm naming him right now -- "Yertle" in honor of Dr. Seuss, whom I love.  But, it might be a little too late because in just a few minutes, I will be sending Yertle away to a new home.  It's time he lived with a "little fellow" who loves him.  (My little fellow is now a big fellow who ignores him.)

We bought Yertle on the streets of L.A. one day when we were shopping in the fabric district.  A woman had a whole setup on the corner -- about 20 little turtles the size of a quarter wandering around in colorful tanks.  Of course my kids were instantly drawn in, along with all of the other kids we were with that day.  They begged and begged "Please, please let us get a turtle.   He won't be hard to take care of!  Pleeeeeease???"  I can't tell you how many times I've heard that before.    I heard it when we saw sand crabs at the mall, baby frogs at Walmart, fish at the pet store, birds at the farmer's market . . . and now a turtle in L.A.    I caved of course, just like I did all those other times.  As much as I hate having pets, I am a sucker when it comes to my kids.  Plus, I had a turtle when I was little, and I remember how much I loved him . . . until he escaped about a week later and met his death in the basement.  I couldn't believe he made it down all those stairs!!  It must have taken him 20 years (in turtle time.)

Yertle is not like my turtle.  Yertle is a survivor.  For seven long years, he's lived in Eden's room.  That's a feat in itself.  He's been mauled and starved, and still he hangs on.   I thought he would stay the size of a quarter.  But he didn't, he grew and grew.  Now he is the size of my hand.  I think he'd get even bigger if he had a bigger place to live.  He's outgrown his tank.  And the tank has outgrown Eden's room.  So, it's time for Yertle to find a new home.  I found one last night on Facebook -- you've got to love the friend network.  I know I do.

Farewell Yertle.  May you have many more fine years at the home of Gid and Audrey.  You've been a good pet.  You will not be missed.

Post Script:  I asked Gid what he was going to name his new pet.  He thought about it for a minute and said "Turtle."  I guess I didn't need to bother with Yertle.  Turtle will do just fine.

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Sharon said...

Love Panera--and so glad you found a home for your turtle! :)