Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Is it ok if your favorite shoes ever are Converse All Stars . . . and you are over 50?  Just wonderin'.  Cuz, I love wearing them and I worry about looking like a P.E. coach (which is not the look I'm going for), or a 50 year old who can't get out of the past -- if you know what I mean.  I look at older women who dress like they are trying to be 16 and think "Please don't let that happen to me." 

Is it?  Is wearing Converse when you are over 50 "reaching?"  Nieces, friends . . . come forward and tell me what you honestly think.  I can't count on Claire because she thinks everything I wear is dumb.


lindseyj said...

I think you look cute in your Converse :) I'm pretty sure that I'll still be wearing my slip-on Vans when I'm 50! Don't give them up :)

dandee said...

I consider Converse a wardrobe staple, not a fad. And I'm pretty sure Lauren Hutton still wears them and she's well over 50 + one of the classiest dressers out there. I'd say you're safe. :)

Eve said...

Psh. Of course you can wear converse at 50.

crystal b. said...

Thanks girls. I knew I could count on you. :) I'm off to buy another pair -- I need the mustard color for Spring.

Caroljeanann said...

Crystal! I bought Converse for a few of my kids at Christmas. There was a great sale at Fred Meyer and I thought "What the heck! I want some, too." So I bought myself a pair of white ones. (Very very safe and not too "out there".) Well I had only tried one shoe on in the store and what with all the chaos and craziness of the Christmas week, I didn't get around to actually finding them under the piles and trying them on till a few days after Christmas. BUT when I went to put them on, I discovered I had two left feet. Literally- two left shoes! Dang!! So I promptly returned to Fred Meyer to set it all straight. Unfortunately, the two right white shoes were not to be found in my size. Nor any other color for that matter. Phooey! So someone out there is walking around in two right shoes and haven't figured it out yet, or they have two right feet or perhaps only one foot so it doesn't matter what the other shoe is? The price has gone up and my funds down. So it may be awhile till I join you in the Women Over 50 Wearing Converse Club. But I WILL join you soon I hope. By the way, my 14 yr old got the silver wrapping paper ones. That's a little,... much for a 50 yr old in my opinion. (I hope those aren't the ones you have. If so, nevermind me.)

Carol McMaster

meg duerksen said...

i am wearing them right now! :)
they are FINE at any age!
i am sure of it.