Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Scum and I are Old Friends

Have you ever played Scum?  It's one of my favorite card games.   When I was a kid, Scum was part of many a weekend.  Scum and I are old friends.   

Oddly enough, I haven't played it for over 17 years.  I know precisely when I played it last because I laughed so hard I wet my pants.  (Maybe that's why I gave it up for a while.)

Seventeen years ago, a group of newly married friends, of which Matt and I were a part, rented a cabin over Memorial day.   We spent the weekend playing games and hunting for treasure at the annual Idlywild swap meet.  We ended up playing Scum for hours on end with about 14 people. Our friend Ryan seemed to end up with the title of Scum more often than the rest of us, which was funny, because he so wanted to rise to the top and be the Dal Hamine -- which is the highest position in the game of Scum. (We use the title Dal Hamine in lieu of President because it sounds much more international.  Who wants to be president when you could be a Dal Hamine?)

I have such fond memories of that weekend.  I miss all those friends who, shortly after the trip, all went their separate ways -- off to med school, or bought houses, and had kids.  Where are all of you?????  Do you still play Scum??

Tonight, as part of our New Year's festivities, I got to play Scum again, and may I say that it was just as much fun as it was 17 years ago. Only this time, there was a twist in the game -- the person who ended up as the Scum at the end of each round, and to don a hat and dance.

Embarrassing you ask? For me, that would be a Y.E.S. -- all in capital letters. You really don't want to see me dance. It has undertones of the Seinfeld episode where Elaine dances at the company Christmas party.

Luckily, I was spared showing my parlor tricks tonight.  This poor woman had the honor . . . several times.  And fortunately for all of us, she can dance.  I so wouldn't want to follow her rendition of Thriller.

I blurred her face anyway, because she might not want the world to know that she was the Scum three times before the clock struck 12:00 and the real dancing began.

Happy New Year.  May 2011 bring you happiness and many adventures . . . all of them good.

Post Script:  Wondering why there are no men sitting at the card table?  The thought of dancing if they became the Scum drove them off.  They all huddled around the television and watched wrestling.  Chickens.


Kristi said...

we played that a couple of years ago at our ward campout. such a fun game. our top dog was just the president, and no hat or dancing was involved. I might have to try that with just our family. could be fun. thanks for reminding me!

Sharon said...

Oh my gosh--Scum is also my FAVORITE game! We have a few friends from way back BC (before children) and we used to play all night long! Yup, we'd end when it was time for all of us to go to work! Couldn't imagine that now! Sounds like a super fun night!

Jenni said...

never played that game, but i am definitely going to have to check it out!

Brigette said...

We love that game! Why did we never play it while we were there??!! A few years ago a group of friends and us had a ongoing game where someone had to be king 100 times...it was a really long game, but Garrett finally won! As always, looks like it was a fun night...miss everyone so much!!