Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Spring Quarter

Spring Quarter officially started last week at the local college.  I signed up to take a multimedia class that involves learning how to design web pages, write code, and a host of other stuff that sounds intimidating to a non-computer geek like me.   I took this class last year online and dropped it after three weeks because I realized I was in over my head and needed face to face instruction.

As of yesterday morning, I was not an official member of the class. I was on the "wait list" along with 10 other people. So, I got to class early hoping that I could talk the instructor into giving me an "add" code, before anyone else got to him. The instructor had not yet arrived, and the class was packed, which was not a good sign. 

I took a seat next to a group of menacing-looking students -- guys with pierced faces, tattoo sleeves and pants with underwear hanging out about 12 inches. I felt so out of place. I think someone even snickered when I sat down. I'm sure they were all thinking "What is this grandma doing in here?"

I don't know why tattoos and piercings scare me, but they do. And they shouldn't, because every time I get a seat next to someone with these adornments, and we start chatting, I learn that they are super nice, and super helpful. By the end of the semester, we are great friends who share candy, and notebook paper.  Sometimes we even take another class together, which was the case with Josh.   Proof that looks can definitely be deceiving.

Any-whoo, we students sat around and stared at each other until the instructor -- another young guy with tattoo sleeves, blew in the door all flustered and disheveled. He had been stuck on the freeway and made apologies to us, and a faculty member who showed up to tell us all about what we could and could not do on the Technology Center computers.   When at last the instructor had settled himself in a chair, he said "Hi I'm Caleb. Let's go around the room and make introductions. Tell me your name and why you want to take a multimedia course."

When it was my turn, I said "Hi my name is Crystal Beutler. I want to ......."

Caleb interrupted me. "Hold on right there" he said. "Did you say Beuhler, as in Ferris Beuhler?"

"Well . . . " I anwered, "Technically, it's Beutler, but it sounds like Beuhler as in Ferris Beuhler. And if you really want to know . . . my full name is Crystal FARISH Beutler."

The entire class erupted in laughter and cheered, which made me feel less like a grandma, and more like a student. 


You should know, I was the first person to get an "add" card, and I know it had something to do with my name  -- it sure comes in handy.

I foresee a good semester. Caleb is cool.

Post Script:  For those of you who are new to my blog, you might not be familiar with the story Where in the World is Ferris Beutler, which is necessary in order for this post to make sense.  And by the way, I am not a grandma and don't expect to be one any time soon.  My kids are 13 and 15.


Jenni said...

LOVE it and had no idea that that is how you pronounced your last name!!!!

sounds like a fun class!

kiddle97 said...

I'm the total stranger who has been here a time or two before because I love your photography and frankly, you're funny, and I still want one of those aprons but I haven't figured out how to present it as a NEED to my husband. But anyway, this post made me laugh and feel less stupid on a day when I seemed to do nothing BUT stupid, so for that, I thank you.

Puttin' Down Roots said...

Funny!! Hope you are successful in the class this time around!! You can teach me what you learn!!

Lyndsay said...

This is hysterical. Hysterical and awesome. I laughed out loud with tears. And then I read it to Wes and he cracked up! So funny. And good for you! You'll know way more than I do in no time. :) I should probably take that class...I am faking the coding part.

jen said...

GREAT story! I am a "grandma" in college too. Humor is sooooooooo my best friends most days. The Young People love me!

Kristi said...

good for you! I am still deciding what I want to be when I grow up, but once I do, I will be the grandma in the class!
save ferris!

Rosie said...

Loved this story_! I remember you sharing it at Spark! Not sure why but I read your one little word post on my google reader but can't find it on the blog!!

You are so funny! Focus It really is a great word. I really haven't narrowed down my word yet. I am trying to Focus and do my laundry better! Two weeks in a row and I don't have 15 loads in the hamper--that is an accomplishment around here!!

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

I swear I love you more every time I read this blog. Every time.

And as soon as you're done with that class you'll be a design pro and you can re-vamp my blog...right? :) Because I need a change. Organic Enchilada. WTH was I thinking?

Genevieve said...

Good for you Crystal! Code scares me!! :)