Monday, February 21, 2011

A Gathering of Friends

Were you wondering where I was last week??  I was busy!  I planned a surprise for my husband.  I whisked him away to the mountains of Utah in celebration of his 50th birthday.  

He didn't know what I had cooked up my sleeve, but he soon found out . . . a ski weekend with his best friends from college.   It was a memorable 4 days to be sure.  Friends took off work to spend time playing.  Some even flew in for the occasion.  It was so much fun.  

We reconnected with comrades we haven't seen in a long, long time.  There was snow, LOTS of laughter, and an amazing dinner at the Tree Room at Sundance -- which is where these boys first became friends over 30 years ago.  Several of them worked here as waiters.

Oh the stories they tell about the shenanigans that went on behind the scenes.  My favorite is the time someone formed a scoop of solidified meat fat to resemble a delicious scoop of orange sherbet.  It was placed in a beautiful dish and left to sit in hopes that some starving waiter would take a bite.  And they did.  Matt tells me he could not get rid of the taste of grease for some time.  He still has a fear of orange sherbet.

The Tree Room holds special memories for all of us.  Most of this group got engaged, or had wedding celebrations here, -- with the exception of Matt and me who eloped -- which is a story for another time.

The thing I love most about the Tree Room besides the laid back atmosphere and the big tree trunk growing right up through the restaurant, is the Pepper Steak -- Fillet Mignon crusted with black pepper and a chutney glaze.  It is pure heaven -- my all time favorite dinner to be sure.  If I were on death row (which will never happen if I can help it), this is what I would eat for my last meal.   In fact, Matt was mad at me this weekend because I refused to share -- something I never do when we dine out.

We spent the evening being served dish after delicious dish, and when we could eat no more, we set our forks down and went to the library for a photo shoot.

Guy made us laugh ourselves sick -- which is not a good thing after you have eaten a 5 course meal.

Thank you friends -- for making Matt's birthday one he will always remember.  Let's not let another 30 years go by before we do it again.  If we wait that long, I may be too old to ski -- and chew a Pepper Steak. 


Angie said...

I was beginning to wonder where you were! So glad you had a great birthday trip for Matt! (And you look super cute in the pics!)

Eunice said...

Looks like a blast. Please welcome Matt to Club 50 for me!

Jenni said...

Happy Birthday to your hubs! What a great surprise you planned for secretly just wanted to get into those ski pants again huh?!

you look so pretty in the pictures! love your necklace (and mine btw...they were worth the wait)!

Genevieve said...

what a great time!

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

Mmmm...pepper steak. Sounds good even in the morning.