Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Did it for You, Girl Scout Mom

Late this afternoon, I ran to the grocery store.  As I walked up to the entrance, I saw a woman standing behind a table full of stuff.  At first, I thought it was one of those "sign this initiative" people  who try to get all kinds of crazy things on the ballot.  But, it wasn't.  It was a mom -- selling Girl Scout cookies.  There wasn't a Girl Scout in site.  Just the mom, which is typical isn't it?  Kids who sell things are fired up for about 20 minutes, and then it's all up to the parents to do the dirty work.  I'm guessing the Girl Scouts got cold and went inside to buy some candy, which is funny when you think about it -- they have boxes of cookies at their disposal.

There was a time that I walked right past the scouts -- boys and girls.  But this afternoon, something made me stop.  It was guilt mixed with a little compassion.  I've been on that other side of the "for sale" table too many times to count, and when someone takes the time to stop and make a purchase, it makes your day. 

Girl Scout Mom looked at me and and stammered Are . . . are . . . you going to buy some cookies?  Why, I didn't even ask you if you wanted any!  That is soooo nice of you!!

I said I'll take five boxes please. Girl Scout Mom jumped up and began filling my order. As she did, she exclaimed Thank you so much for doing this. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.  In my head I thought: "I do know how much you appreciate it.  But outwardly, I just smiled and handed her my money.

The Mom placed my boxes on the table and said
Thanks for supporting the Girl Scouts.   
You are so welcome I replied.  
What she didn't know is that I wasn't supporting the Girl Scouts
as much as I was supporting her.

I bought cookies I didn't need because I know what it's like to stand there for hours on end in the freezing cold, or sweltering heat, trying to raise money. I know what it's like to to have a huge financial goal that must be achieved to pay for uniforms, field trips, and activities.  I know what it's like to deliver boxes and boxes of cookies, and gift wrap, and Christmas wreaths.   And, I know what it's like to be a parent in charge of a group of youth -- who hate saying Do you want to buy some . . ? over and over again to adults who avert their eyes and walk away as fast as they can.

Girl Scout Mom was dedicated to the cause, just like all the other moms and dads who support teams, leagues, and troops of children.  It's not always easy, and it's not always fun. But we do it, don't we? We do it because we love our kids.  

Bake sales, fairs, raffles, car washes, Christmas tree lots, selling cookies, gift wrap, pizzas -- it never seems to end.  But one of these days, it will.  When that happens, it is our duty to remember our "days behind the table" and support the next generation of parents and children by purchasing whatever it is they are peddling -- even if we don't need it. 

And speaking of Girl Scout cookies, I took my boxes home and hid them in the closet.   I have to hoard them -- do you??  When it comes to Thin Mints, my kids are human vacuums, and so is Matt.  They can consume 5 boxes in one night, and they do, if I forget to hide the cookies.    I need to make these last a while.  After all, we won't get them again until next year.  That's a looooong time to wait for the girls in green, wouldn't you agree??

P.S.  My post about "Snow Pants" made the front page of BlogHer today.  Check it out!


Angie said...

This absolutely made me a little teary. So true about supporting other parents!

Lyndsay said...

AAAAGGGGHHHHH those are my favorite cookies!!!!! Now I won't be able to get that photo out of my head until they are in my belly. Darnit. ;)

Jenni said...

i bought some from the kids that i teach, supporting their troops like a good teacher...

that was last week - all 5 boxes are gone, but not by me alone! i used them as rewards for kids, got rid of them super quick. most expensive reward i bought, but it kept me from eating ALL of them (cause i would have)!

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

I would totally be in favor of a blog post that highlights a fault of yours, if you have one. You are simply good.

Mrs. said...

AMEN! I am a Girl Scout leader, and I have parents in my troop who don't appreciate my efforts or those of my co-leader the way you do. I LOVED seeing this. Cheered me immensley. Now, I'm off to a Girl Scout meeting, where we will be teaching a younger troop how to make yarn dolls, and on Thursday (two meetings this week) we will sell cookies of our own, at Lowe's. I hope we find only one person like you, to keep us cheered and help remind us of why we are doing the right thing.