Friday, February 25, 2011

She Deserves a Crown

My friend Cami celebrated the big 5-0 a few weeks ago.   I'm happy to have friends (and a husband) crossing over to the dark side of that big number.  

She is the Queen of Cool: full of life, compassionate, a good listener, athletic -- beautiful on the inside and out.    Cami deserves a crown.

  So I made her one.

We celebrated Cami's big day at a Carribean restaurant with two other dear friends -- Tracy and Marilyn.   There was a time when we were all single and living in Pacific Beach that our party got started around 10:30 p.m. and ended in the wee hours of the morning.  I don't know how we did that and went to work the next day.   I never felt tired on that schedule.  Somewhere along the way, we changed. We arrived at the restaurant at 6:30 to avoid the crowds.  Just as we anticipated, the restaurant was mostly empty except for a few seniors enjoying the Early Bird Special.  We missed out on that by a hair -- which was a little disappointing.  Who doesn't like getting a great meal for under $10.00!

We spent the evening catching up and laughing about old times -- in particular the time that Cami and I made paper towel vodoo dolls to represent our old boyfriends, attached them to bamboo fishing poles,  and cast them into the salty waters of the Pacific Ocean  (which, if you have old boyfriend issues, is very healing.)  I love getting together with these amigos -- they keep me centered.  (Is it ok to refer to women as amigos??  Oh well, you get the gist.)

Our festivus was cut short when the restaurant turned into a night club.  We didn't even notice until a band started blasting Latin music and we looked up to find ourselves in the middle of a dance floor.  There was a time that I would have been out there showing off my Salsa moves until the crack of dawn.  But tonight, it annoyed our merry band, who just wanted to sit and talk in peace.  We tried to carry on our conversation, but  I couldn't hear a word anyone was saying.  For a minute I thought I had a serious hearing problem.  But then, I felt a wave of relief because Cami, Tracy and Marilyn couldn't hear either.  We finally gave up and and went home -- at 10:00 p.m. 

I'm glad it wasn't the only amigo who was annoyed and hard of hearing.  And yet, I am concerned.  I think I am morphing into an old fogy.


Genevieve said...

What an awesome crown!!!

Eunice said...

Happy birthday Cami! I wish I could've been there for the celebration. Love the crown Crystal!

Jenny said...

Crystal, I love that crown. It is beautiful! You are so talented!!