Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Valentine to My Girlfriends

I really am such a fortunate soul to have the most wonderful women in my life.  Women who text, and email, and call, and stop by just to say "Are you ok?" or "Do you want to go to lunch?" or "I love you, thanks for being my friend!"  Women who make me laugh, and who listen, and inspire, and share their talents with me.

Sometimes, I even find surprises on my doorstep.  Like this week.

Christine left me this darling framed piece that goes perfectly with my Valentine's Day montage.

And sweet Chanin stopped by to give me my annual Valentine which I hated to open because it was wrapped so beautifully.  But, I knew what was waiting for me inside the box. . . .

Pink cookies -- for which Chanin is known.  It wouldn't be Valentine's Day without them.

Thank you friends -- every single one of you.  You bring so much joy into my  world, it wouldn't be the same journey without YOU to share it.

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The Ruffled Mama said...

Happy Heart Day...thank you for the time you took to drop me off that sweet note. every little bit helps...and it is so appreciated xo i am busy (in real life) making lists and gathering supplies. i found a box full of design school goodies. as soon as i muster the courage...i'll share...