Monday, March 7, 2011


The painters have finished, but my house is still in chaos mode.

Bathroom needs to be reassembled.

And I need to sew a shower curtain.   I knew I saved that pom pom fringe for a reason.

But, on a good note,  I did attack my studio this morning.  I did as you advised Christine -- I spent an hour working on one section at a time.  The east wall is looking good.

Now it's on to the laundry mountain.  I so dread spending the afternoon in here.  While taking this picture, I realized I need to finish the curtain for this window.   I've got waaaay to much to much on my plate this week.    

Friends, I will be turning down all invitations to lunch.


Jenni said...

i do NOT envy your "to do" list this week! although your craft room is looking fabulous!

Trish said...

take it one day at a time. i am in the same boat as you... trying to get the house ready to sell. it is not a fun task, very stressful!

Martina said...

Hi Crystal just came over from Erin's blog and just became one of your newest followers! Looking forward to seeing how you transform these spaces. Martina

Little Chicks Info said...

My advise? Your house has good bones...and all your stuff is adorable...don't bring anything new until you've "shopped" in your own house...I found the cutest shelf in my basement/flea market! I just completed (except for the curtains) a playroom for my kids...I won't work on any new major project until it's 100% complete. My new rule this week, I won't buy anything else new until I've gotten rid of more junk...I'm seriously gonna rent a dumpster.

Little Chicks Info said...

Just read the comment I just wrote...I sound bossy! So sorry, that wasn't the intent! Love your cute things...great pics!

Pinecone said...

Hi there! I just found you and am now following! I can't wait to see how everything turns out.

I loved your post on family dinners too. We all eat together every night with a rare exception. It seems like we have some of our best discussions while eating.

Looking forward to reading your old posts.