Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Conversations In the Carpool

The carpool has a new morning ritual that commenced shortly after I discovered Santa sitting on a tree stump next to a pot bellied pig.  

I pick up Anna, and then Jonathan and Page.  As soon as Paige slams the door, it begins --

Santa, Santa, Santa, Santa, Santa Santa!!!

The chant continues along the route to the middle school, builds just as we round the corner of Radical Drive, and ends with 'Awwww, man!'  as we pass Santa's house.  We see Santa's pig sniffing around the front door, but no Santa.  It's disappointing. 

One day though, as we were chanting away, we rounded the corner, and there he was -- Santa and his pig sitting side by side on the front lawn.  Santa was wearing purple satin pajama pants.  Cheers erupted from the back seat of the car: Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!   

I enthusiastically proclaimed 'I told you!!!  I told you he lived here!!!'

The carpool responded simultaneously: That.  Is. So. Cool!!!!!  Santa has on lounge wear! Too bad we don't have a camera.

The conversation continued a few days later . . . 

Eden:   There's only one pig out here, but I bet there is a whole herd in the back yard, and only one gets to come out front per day while Santa does the Ab Lounge on his patio.

Jonathan:  Yeah, I bet it's a herd of flying pigs -- instead of reindeer!!

Paige: That would dispel the saying 'When Pigs Fly.'

Eden:  All we need is faith and trust . . . and a little pixie dust! 

Anna:  There were no pigs in Peter Pan, Eden.

Jonathan:  Maybe Santa's pig is not a pet.  Maybe it's next year's Christmas dinner!

Eden:  Yeah, during the summer months, Santa is a butcher.  He pretends he likes the pig, but come December . . . whack!

Anna:   Have you noticed that the pig hasn't been out at all lately.  It's been like two weeks.  Maybe he's  been sick.

Eden, Jonathan and Paige:  Yeah!  With swine flu!!!!

Jonathan:  Do you get that from eating  raw pork??

By now, I have pulled in front of the middle school.  I am laughing my head off as I park next to the curb, and  the car doors open.

I bid everyone adieu: Bye Carpoolers!! I think before school lets out this year, we need a picture of you guys with the pig!  We can put it on the carpool bucket list.

Eden replies: We don't have a carpool bucket list, but yeah, that would be way awesome to get a picture with the pig.  Even cooler if Santa was with him in his purple pajamas.

The car doors slam and I drive away, still laughing.  In  fact, I will probably think about this later today, and start chuckling all over again.  The things Eden, Paige, Jonathan, and Anna say just kill me.

Only 10 weeks left, and I will be done driving them to school forever -- done with carpools forever!   I never thought I would see that day come.  I've been counting the weeks, months . . . years even.  Truthfully,  I think it's going to be a little sad when it actually happens.  

I'm going to make that photo happen for selfish reasons.  Years from now, I will have something to look at to remember the good times. 

I wonder what the pig is named???  That's a conversation starter for tomorrow.


Little Chicks Info said...

LOVE IT! you going to Blog Sugar? It's on a Sunday! I am going to Spark this year...I heard great things about last years!

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

Crystal, if everyone in the world enjoyed the carpool as much as you do, the world would be a better place. I love it!