Friday, March 18, 2011

Help for Japan - In Honor of Preston and Ami

Last week my cousin sold his house, quit his job, and got on a plane headed for Toyko, Japan to be with his girlfriend Ami.   The plane landed 15 minutes before the quake.  My family spent the next 48 hours wondering if we would ever see him again.  It was a time for pleading prayers.    As I watched the images on television they weren't about people in a land far away, they were happening to someone I personally knew, and love.  I got a small taste of what thousands of others must be feeling on a much deeper level.

Two days after the quake, modern miracles allowed Preston to see, and talk to his mom via Skype.   It was such a relief to know that he, Ami and her family are doing ok.   But, ok, is not fine.  Ok is not well.  They are surrounded by grief, rubble, and nuclear power plants in trouble.  They need our help.

So rather than sitting back thinking about how glad I am that this isn't happening to me, I am changing my state of mind.  I am thinking about how I can make a difference.  Hence this post, in honor of Preston, Ami, and all those who are suffering right now in Japan. 

I am selling these beautiful little earrings made with Japanese fresh water pearls and aged brass findings for $12.00.  I will personally donate all the proceeds from the sale of these earrings to LDS Philanthropic Services, a charity that provides humanitarian aid all over the world.  But in this case, the money will go to aid Japan.   You should know that I chose this charity because they do not use any of the money donated to cover administrative costs -- all of it goes to charity.

It's a win/win for all of us.  You get earrings, we both get to help, and the people of Japan receive aid.  

If you would like a pair, click on the Pay Pal button below.    

If you would prefer to make a direct donation to LDS Philanthropies (Humanitarian Services) you can do so my clicking here.  You can specify in the comment section that you would like the money to go directly to aid Japan.

Spread the word.  Tell your friends about this post on Facebook, and Twitter.  You can paste this link in your message and it will bring them here.

P.S.  As of 3/20, our collective efforts have contributed $280.00 to aid Japan.  Thank you friends.  Every little bit helps.  Imagine what would happen if every able adult in the United States gave up lunch 1 day a month and sent $5.00 to their favorite charity.   Wouldn't it be amazing.


Little Chicks Info said...

I bought a pair and posted it on my blog, thanks for doing this...SO glad your cousin is ok...I can't imagine what they are going through...we've been watching all the miracles on TV and just praying and praying.
- Christine -
This and That Creations

naomimarcus said...

These are beautiful, do you ship outside of the US? I live in the UK but would love to buy a pair. My friends survived the disaster too, but the rebuilding (in so many ways) has such a way to go.
Naomi x

Cara @ Gardenview Cottage said...

You are amazing...what a beautiful post! I need to link to you so my readers can also donate/buy to help Japan. Can I?

Sharri said...

Thanks Crystal! Looking forward to wearing my earrings!!