Thursday, March 3, 2011


In a former life I used to be an interior designer.  I loved that job -- it was my career for 15 years, back in the 80's when everything was Southwestern, the color of the desert.  How mint green got thrown in there I'll never know.  I've never seen mint green in the desert, have you??   I don't need to tell you that I avoid those 80's pastel colors like the plague.  I got pretty darn sick of them, along with bleached cow skulls, and that print of the American Indian sitting in profile on a horse.  It was EVERYWHERE, including my mom's house.

I still work on little projects every now and then, mostly for friends.  Every single time I help someone redesign their home, I am a good decision maker.  I pull paint chips and fabric swatches and say to the client in a confident voice "Here, is what I think you should do."  I go shopping and fill the cart with accessories I know will work in the newly furnished room.  The client is thrilled.  It's a breeze.

But . . . when it comes to my own house, I have a huge problem.  I have commitment issues.  I just can't decide -- I like way too many things.   I like vintage.  I like industrial.  I like post modern.  I like Swedish country.   And I like colors -- especially green (but not mint green.)  I don't know what I want to live with.  A little of this, and a little of that.  Ask my friends, it annoys the heck out of them. 

For years now, I've needed to repaint my kitchen.  I've had paint samples taped to the wall forever -- at least 3 years now.  I just can't decide.  But today, I took the leap.   I was forced into it.  We are thinking about selling our house, which means that I have to get this kitchen painted.   So I grabbed my paint chips and pretended like I was making decisions for someone else -- which in fact, I am if we put up that for sale sign in a few weeks.   In three minutes I had picked my colors -- subtle, that anyone could live with.  I went to the paint store and slapped the chips on the counter and said "Give me three gallons of each please (because I decided to paint the  bathroom and all the trim in the house too.)   

I drove home with the paint and started to panic.   Then I got a text from one of my friends who said "Quit worrying about it, you aren't going to be the one living with the colors.  You are only painting to make it look fresh.  If the new owners hate it, they can redo!!!!  She was right.

Today Juan commenced work.  The minuted he put the brush to the wall, I started worrying.   What is wrong with me??  Why does working on my own house take so much out of me???  I really don't get it.  It's just paint!!!!!

I'll let you know how it all turns out when Juan is done.  I'm guessing that when I see it all complete I will hear the voices "It's too bright!!  It's too yellow!!!  It's too  shiny!!!   If I do, you have my permission to slap me in the face and yell "snap out of it!!!!"    All I ask is that you be gentle.


Eve said...

I didn't know you guys were thinking of selling your house! I am going to assume you are moving within the ward boundaries and not completely flip out prematurely.

Eunice said...

I can soooo relate - to loving a bunch of different styles/looks which paralyzes me into indecision.

Sonya@Beyond the Screen Door said...

Hi, Crystal! I've so enjoyed getting to know you a bit! And I loved reading this post. It's so true! All your quotes were so much fun to read. Hopped over to say hi from Erin's.

Cara said...

oh my land....we are the SAME!!! Seriously...I just went with two of my friends yesterday to 4 fabric stores because I couldn't make up my mind on what to do with my front room. I said the exact same thing to them! if it's for someone else it's a breeze to help them but when it comes to me, myself and I a decision can't be made. what's wrong with us? seriously love your blog!