Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Out to Lunch, Be Back Tomorrow.

No time to write today.  I'm off to L.A.   Claire has an audition for a car commercial.  In the meantime, enjoy a picture of my Ikea purchases from yesterday.   Do you have to go to the bathroom first thing when you get to Ikea so that you don't end up in a panic as you get lost in their never-ending maze?  I do.   And by the time I check out, I have to go again.   That place takes forever to get through.  Next time I'm packing a snack.  No wonder they have a restaurant in the middle of the store.

Loved these tall and skinny cupcake pans.
Bins for my organizing frenzy.

Awesome fake plant for my coffee table. 


Eve said...

Wren has that exact same bird figure in her room. It was a baby gift from my sister.

Jenni said...

i have that same little fake plant sitting in my kitchen! love ikea, but you are right, it is never ending!

good luck claire....errr, i think i mean, break a leg?!

Kristi said...

funny- I just got back from dinner with my sisters and my aunt, and we were talking about how it takes forever to get through the store- apparently they are building the biggest one in Canada near by where my aunt lives. I said that the hour you get with your kids in the play place is hardly enough time to walk through the whole store- let alone shop! (maggie always wants to go have lunch there. she loves their meatballs)