Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

Eden had his wisdom teeth pulled last Friday.   Rather than tell you about it, I'll show you.

Day one, he looked like the Joker.  Days two and three, he bore a striking resemblance to these cartoon charcters .

The best part was watching him go under. Always entertaining.

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Jenni said...

hysterical! omg, what a good sport...i think if that was me, i would have probably wanted to throw that camera across the room!

hope he is feeling better!

Eunice said...

Christmas, Christmas time is here.
Time for laughter, time for cheer.
Can you hear it - my chipmunk voice?

I love that rush of giddy happiness when the versed starts pulsing through your veins.

Lyndsay said...

So funny! I admit I felt a little woozy just watching that. What am I going to do when one of my kids breaks an arm. I am going to be the mom who passes out in the ER. Sheesh.

Frozen peas on the face! That was my saving grace with my wisdom teeth. Oh and I have a crazy story about getting my wisdom teeth pulled. I'll have to tell you sometime. Super weird.

Trish said...

that video is hilarious :)

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

His poor face looks so awful! I hope the swelling has gone down!

I remember that feeling of being completely out of control. Laughing when you know there's nothing funny and trying to stop because you know you are acting like an idiot... :) That is some good, good stuff.

Did they have him strapped down? I kept wanting to reach through my computer screen to keep him from rolling off the little table!

Erin said...

OMSH!!!! That was soooo hilarious!!! I was literally crying i was laughin so hard. I have a consultation this Thursday to get my wisdom teeth out. Soon i'll be able to join the chipmunk group!!

It's a Wannabe Decorator's Life said...

Man, that 3rd picture looks pretty bad! He looks like he is in some major pain!! I just had that done last year, so I understand! Poor baby!