Tuesday, March 29, 2011

She Wasn't Kidding When She Said it Was Fun.

My sister didn't even know what I was talking about when I said "I want to visit Smeeks today."   She got a funny look on her face and responded "What the heck is Smucks??"    (Only she didn't say "heck.")

 "It's called Smeeks" I said, "Trust me, you are going to love it."

So we looked up the address and it turned out it was just around the corner from Hauley's house.   Can you believe it, she has never even noticed it as she drives to and from the mall!  

We pulled up to the front curb and discovered no parking and no entrance. You have to drive down the side alley and park in back.  This is what you will see . . .   

When you walk through the door, you will say "Ooooohhhh this is sooooooo cute!"   That's what we did, along with three other people who walked in after us.

Candy and brilliant colors = instant happiness. 

 As we moseyed to the back we saw things that took us right back to the playground at Grandview Elementary.  Hauley and I started screaming:

"Hey!!!  I found a Hoppy Taw . . . Look there's a Chinese Jump Rope . . .  Chick-o-Sticks, remember those . . .   Didn't you just love wax lips . . . Oh my gosh, do you remember mom's purse, it always had Sen-Sens, and here they are . . . They even have the Violet gum mom used to chew!"   

I wonder if it annoys the clerks when they hear people getting so excited about stuff like T-Berry Gum, and the photo booth?  

I'm sure you will get overly-excited too when you first visit Smeeks.   That's part of the fun, discovering your past there among the buckets of goodness.

I have good news for you Canadians.  They have Canadian candy bars here! (Kristi, I wondered which was your favorite.)

And Vegans, they have stuff for you too.  Vegan candy!   There's something for everyone here at Smeeks -- even sugarless candy for those of you who can't eat sugar.

That's not all.  I have more good news to share.  You don't have to visit Arizona to visit Smeeks. Did you know that as we speak they are working on their online store!!!  


You have to pay them a visit and buy stuff for your Easter Baskets, and Christmas stockings . . . any Festivus that your family celebrates.   (But don't visit yet, it's not open.)

I stocked up for Easter (and my birthday) while I was here. 

My kids are going to love me.   They think Pork and Beans bubble gum is way more fun than getting a pack of Orbit.

Smeeks is just as fun as StephaNIE said it would be. 


P.S.  When you leave the store, make sure you visit Frances, two doors down.  It's worth a peek.  

Cute cloths, jewelry, things for babies, pets, and a few trinkets for your house.

P.P.S.   This is the text I got from Eden today as he tooled around Washington D.C.  "Visited the White House today.  It's waaaaaay smaller I thought it would be.  It had like, no yard!   Went to Souvenir City and got half of a coffee mug that says 'D.C. was expensive, I could only afford half the mug.'   Mom, I bought you a thimble because it is virtually indestructible."


Eunice said...
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Eunice said...

Eewwww, pork and beans bubble gum! I actually kinda like pork and beans and bubble gum - but together, not so sure about that. It reminds me of jelly bellies. You'll never catch me trying a vomit jelly belly!

Kristi said...

orbit gum is so nasty.
I wonder what kinds the Canadian chocolate bars were.
looks like such a cute store!

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

That store was made for me, I know it.

crystal b. said...

Pork and Beans gum doesn't taste like pork and beans -- it LOOKS like pork and beans. :P

meg duerksen said...

very cool!
i want to go there someday!

how was traveling with your teenager?
remember that thing i said was going to do when i got from BL? that talk and the starting over? yeah.....didn't happen.
it's just too hard.

thank you for the treat in the mail. :D
i loved it.