Thursday, April 28, 2011

Behold My Work! House Tour

 At long last, it is done. Pretty much done. 

Behold, my work!

I love the wreath on my front door.  Still need to plant near the flowering plum tree, and add some colors to the urns.  Anyone got a tip for removing a 13 year old grease stain from the driveway?

I'm painting the banister this weekend which will be the end of all traces of oak in my house.  I moved my little black table that usually sits next to this bench into the living room as a temporary solution.  It will come right back as soon as I find something to sit next to the sofa.

Downstairs  powder room.  This paint ended up being a little more blue in tone that I had wanted, but I still like it.  Since a few people have emailed and asked, I'll hunt down my paint samples and post the names of the colors I used throughout the house.   Gray floral curtains are from World Market.  I am wishing I would have purchased a piece of art I saw when I bought these to go in this room as well.  It was perfect.  I went back for it, and of course it's no longer there.  Note to self: Always trust your first instincts.

My big dreams for this room never came into fruition.  It would have cost me thousands of dollars I do not have, and probably never will have.  So, I did what I could afford, and I love it.  Still hunting for the perfect accessories, but made due with things I already own.   I'm planning to take some photos in France this summer to add to this wall.  I think it will look amazing when it's done.  Paint color is Dunn Edwards, Watercress.  Sofas are from West Elm, tables are from Pottery barn.  Coffee table in the center I designed and had made.  Rug is from West Elm.

I'm on the hunt for a fabric to make pillows for each one of these dining room chairs.  I think it will add some color and texture so the room has a little more depth.  I'm also considering adding linen drapery panels to each side of the French Door.  What do you think -- yes, or no?  Dining room table is from Bausman & Company, chairs - can't remember, side table is from Thomasville.

These bar stools are from Pier One.  I purchased them about 10 years ago, and immediately painted them turquoise blue.  I will post the exact color when I locate the old paint can buried in the back of the garage.  I love this little pop of color -- it's all over my house.  I've lived with it for 13 years and love it as much now as I did when I first painted these pieces of furniture.  I'm thinking about adding a linen chair cushion to each of the chairs.  Still debating whether it's worth it.  Will kids immediately destroy them with spaghetti?  Maybe so.  The little turquoise cabinet houses our trash can.  Matt built it.

I found these chairs at Home Goods years ago and recovered the seats.  They need to be recovered again.  Can't decide if I should keep the fabric tan, or go gray.   Designed the table myself and had it made in Mexico.  I'm switching out the top one of these days to galvanized steel.  It doesn't show finger prints.  I designed the hutch and had it made in Mexico.  I painted and distressed it myself.

This room is in desperate need of new sofas.  These have seen their day.  But for now, they will do.  Maybe I can camouflage with cute pillows.  I also need to update the photos on the photo wall and fill the space.  Coffee table is from World Market

I bought this bookcase at Costco and refinished it.  I think the wood originally had a cherry finish, which is too traditional for me.   I wanted something a little more interesting.  It's amazing what you can do with a can of paint.

Another room in desperate need of sofas.  The green one in the foreground is a 1960 hand-me-down from my great aunt.  I slipcovered it with a multitude of different fabrics.  Paint color is Restoration Hardware Silver Sage.  Television unit is from Thomasville.

Claire pretty much destroyed her carpet with years of crafting.  We are replacing with laminate wood floors and a rug.  That's new flooring sitting in the boxes at the foot of the bed.  The wood cabinets were part of a big armoire with side pieces I designed and had made in Mexico.  It used to hold our television.  I finished the piece myself.  I sold the center section to a friend, and put the side pieces in here.

Not much to say about the bathroom.  If we were staying in this house, I would probably add a vinyl graphic to the wall behind the door.

Eden's room has been the same since he was 4 years old.  He's over due for a makeover.  He wants retro modern.  I'm holding off until we move.  We made special crown moulding to hold a train track so that Eden could run a train from his bed at night.  It was lots of fun when he was little.  I made the valance from retro fabric used to make baseball uniforms.  Matt built the shelves, and I finished and distressed them.

This was the first room I painted when we moved into this house.  I still love it.  We painted Claire's room this color a few years ago, and learned that it's not a great color for a bedroom.  Way too powerful and not soothing to live in.  If you dare to go coral, use it in a small space like a laundry room, or a bathroom.

I did not want to spend a ton of money fixing up our master bathroom.   If I were staying in this house,  I would have replaced the cabinets with something that had better storage solutions, and used travertine on the floor.  I ended up going to a discount tile store and purchasing inexpensive porcelain tile and painting out the cabinets.    It looked pretty blah in here until I added towels and a rug.  Not sure I would make the same color choices if I had to do this over again.

this it what it looked like before

What creative things have you been doing this week?  It's your turn to share.


Kelly said...

Crystal, your house is a combination of classy, peaceful, and cozy. Can I move in now? :) I absolutely love the blue you used on the chairs in the kitchen and on the bookcase!

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

I'd buy your house in a heartbeat! I love the color of your laundry room! And where did you get that painting on your stairway? I flippin' love it!

Eunice said...

I'll buy it! But it has to come with all the furnishings too! You're so very talented. Still waiting for you to come decorate my house.

Okay, what did you do with the custom armoire built by the guy who was missing a finger, a hand, or was it an arm? I loved that armoire!

Debbie said...
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Debbie said...

What a beautiful home sweet home Crystal. Nice Work! I love the many colors that pop, like the laundry room. I could pull up a chair and enjoy a nice cup of coffee right there on the spot. I love your garden too, so pretty out there...

Blessings - Debbie

Eve said...

It must be time to start all over with a different home!

I love it all, and especially that coral laundry room like everyone else. I want to live in there.

Rosie J. Photography said...

i LOVE your house and am ready to move in! love the bold colors!

it is funny, everytime i hear someone saying that they are going to visit someone in temecula, i say..."i have a friend that lives there"! dork, i know!

Laura said...

It's beautiful and peaceful looking. I'd buy it for sure if I lived in CA! I'd say your hard work paid off for sure.

janna runolfson said...

I would love for you to post the names of the colors you used on your walls. I am looking for a blue similar to what you used.

Kim said...

The painting on your stairway just makes me smile. I remember when you picked that up at SPARK #1! Your house is beautiful. It has perfect style throughout. Do you want to come decorate mine? I will trade you for a one-of-a-kind tour of Nauvoo...what do you think??

Holly said...

I've recently found your blog and have to say that I love your house. Looks like you will be selling it. Should sell quickly from the looks of it. Thanks for sharing!

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