Sunday, April 17, 2011

I Was Blind, But Now I See.

I lose things.
Do you?
Keys, glasses, cell phones, scissors.
It really drives me nuts.
I can never find anything when I need it.
Like today.

I know I have a problem misplacing things, so I buy certain items in bulk.
Scissors, bi-focal readers, chapstick, scriptures.
I put one of these items in every room, so I will have them there when I need them.
I even hid a few in a secret place for emergency situations.
But my system isn't working.
It's partly the fault of the three other scavengers who live with me.
They borrow, and never return.
So annoying.

Most of the time, it's me.
I set things down, and never return.

Today, I needed my bi-focals.
I looked everywhere, including my purse, and the emergency hideout. 
Do you think I could find a pair?
It was frustrating.
I need them to see tiny little pieces of jewlery findings.
I must have looked for over 30 minutes.
I searched high, and low.

But, in my search for bifocals, guess what I found . . .
Scissors, which was the item I couldn't find last week. 
Suddenly I saw scissors EVERY WHERE.
I found 10 pairs.

They looked so colorful in my hand, I decided to take a picture.
 Guess what I saw when I looked through my camera lens . . .

Right there in front of my face the entire time.

I thought that was pretty funny.
I even laughed out loud.
But, there is no one home who I can share this funny story with.

So I'm sharing it with you instead.


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Jenni said...

i lose my keys ALL the time (even with this special key hanger hook thing that hangs from my purse...guess i have to use it to have it work)!

i also "put things away" in special places that are only known to me! drives the hubs mad when he goes to find something...but he doesn't put it away, so i have to find special spots for things! heehee!

hilarious that those glasses were right by your scissors and that you noticed them when you did!

Eve said...

That is the perfect example of what being a mom does to your brain. I love it.

I lose stuff, too. And whenever it takes longer than 15 minutes to find it lately, it's because it's where it goes. Who would've thought?

Eunice said...

We are one. I have readers and scissors in every room too. The readers are always in their place but on occasion someone (who shall remain nameless) uses the scissors and doesn't return them to their "home".

Samantha said...

ugghh! thats just like losing your sunglasses and they are on your head!

Trish said...

that is hilarious :) love it!

tomiannie said...

Awesome. I'm glad I'm not alone!

Pinecone said...

Great story!! It's good to know I am not alone in this...sometimes I really think I'm losing it.
I have the same polka dot readers!!

oberheu said...

Fortunately I switched to bifocal contacts and now I always have them with me:)! The rest of the stuff that gets lost is usually because one of the awesome men in my life didn't put it away. Kinda makes me crazy.
Maybe I'll start taking pics when I can't find something...then I can search my lens for whatever I've lost:)!

Emily said...

I am totally laughing at this because I always misplace things. I still can't find my garage door opener. I swear I am so like that.

Lei said...

I love your blog! Newest follower from Char's place - and I'll do just about anything she says so I'm glad she said to follow you! Lol. Cute, cute shop. :)

kanaboke said...

Aahahahahaha! This post just made me smile! Glad to have been another to have found your Blog via Ms. Char!

Carrie said...

i just ran across your block from - your etsy shop is full of gorgeous items!!!

meg duerksen said...

THAT is hysterical!!!!!

Alely said...

oh em gee...i can totally relate! i need everything attached to me so that i don't misplace anything especially my keys and sunglasses!

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

Cracks me up! Right there the whole time. But isn't that how it always works out? Most of the time the things we're looking for are right in front of us. Glasses too. :)