Friday, April 8, 2011

It's a Mystery

Mystery #1:
If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know that one of the things I really look forward to each Spring are the lilacs.  My yard is loaded with bushes, and I love them with a fierce love that only a Gardner can know.

This year, they didn't bloom.
Three of my bushes died.

I am soooo sad.
I've lived in my house 13 years, and it's the first time this has happened.
Why didn't they bloom?  
Why are the first bushes I planted now dead?

Mystery #2:

Who is the dang dog that keeps leaving presents on my front lawn?  
It's sending me over the edge!  
I have dog poop issues, especially big dog poop issues.  
This mystery pooper is big, and I don't like him.
Maybe Elphie has been doing the same thing in the yard of big dog, and this is pay back.  

One never knows.
It's a mystery.


chateau de fleurs said...

Thanks so much for stopping to say hi and share with me your love of roses, especially the Eden rose, one of my favorites also. Your blog is lovely, Christie

Debbie said...

How have you grown those lovely lilacs in Southern California? I have tried and tried. Do they smell? I grew up in Iowa where they are prolific and will fill a huge CHURCH with fragrence! So jealous! Sad the bush died. I love wisteria too -- planted 2 bushes in my back yard in Morgan Hill - the one up by San Jose -- and the woody ugly bushes have grown, in fact I cannot kill them, but they have never once bloomed! Never once. A 3rd mystery. Gardening can be frustrating. . . getting ride of those dead lilac bushes won't be fun. :)

Nanette said...

Oh dear! We have the same problem with a cat and out flower bed. :( This year has been a flower disappointment for me as well-daffodils are my very most favorite but they didn't grow this year-too much rain and snow.
I sincerely hope you can unravel your mysteries soon!

Puttin' Down Roots said...

Call Scott maybe he has some advice?! So sorry. I know you love them.