Thursday, April 28, 2011

Jolly Good Show

Are you watching the Royal wedding today?  I'm not tuning it.  I want them to have one less set of public eyes scrutinizing their every move.

I have to wonder what it's like to be Kate.   I think if I had to take that long walk down the isle with the world watching I would faint, wet my pants, or both.

You've got to admire her courage --  putting her life under the microscope to marry the man she loves.  Her world is never going to be the same.

I hope people will be kind to them, and that they live happily ever after.  

Love the dress.  I had to at least take a peek at what Kate wore.  
See that bridesmaid dress in the background - I made a dress just like this in 1977 to wear to a formal, only mine had long sleeves and it was burt orange.   It's hanging in my closet as we speak.   I once told Claire she was welcome to wear it to a dance.  She scrunched up her face and said "You can't be serious!"  Oh I was serious alright.  I thought it would be retro cool.  I bet C Jane would have jumped at the chance if she were still 16.

Thank you for bringing the cowl back into fashion Pippa.  I think once Claire sees this picture, she may just change her mind.  If I can find my formal picture, I'm adding it to this post.

P.S.  Was it a 1977 Utah thing that we called dances Formals?  Did we do that to distinguish between Stomps (casual jean attire) and Prom (super nice dress).   Don't know, but Claire thinks the word "Stomp" is about the dumbest thing she's ever heard.  It does sound a little small town Footloose, doesn't it?  Whatever, you teen of 2011, you.  Stomp, Dance, Formal . . .  I miss them.


Jami said...

I'm not watching it but I hope everyone is nice to them too! Just stumbled upon your blog ;)

Kristi said...

I woke up at 3 am and would have totally gone down stairs and watched some, but one of Ben's friends is sleeping on the couch. I will watch one of the million times it is replayed today. I want to see her dress. beyond that- I don't care too much for all the hoopla. such a fairytale story. so sweet.

steelebjm said...

Amen. They look happy in the pictures and I hope that the vulture media will just hope for a happy ever after for them and not wait for failure. :/

Jenni said...

i haven't watched it yet, but it has been all over people's blogs and i plan on watching tonight!

i can't imagine what they were feeling like, all the media?! crazy!

they look incredibly happy! i wish them nothing but the best!

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

I love the dress, too! Is that comparison Grace Kelly?

crystal b. said...

my mind has still not been changed...and that is because you dress was long sleeved burnt orange and made out of lycra hahahah <3claire