Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Week two of Spring Break.   Is it just me, or are the rest of you moms out there running out of things to do?

One of the "pros" about living in Temecula is that we are only an hour away from San Diego, Orange County, and Palm Springs; and 1 1/2 hours away from Los Angles.  There's so much to do within an arm's reach.  But, that pro is also a con on certain occasions like Spring Break, and when gas prices skyrocket.   Right now, it's a con. There are crowds everywhere, blackout dates on theme park passes,  it's too cold for the beach, and . . . gas is a whopping $4.05 a gallon.   To top it off, we spent all our money on fun last week.  So this week, my family is feeling a little trapped.

To be honest, I'm perfectly fine staying home and working on Project Purge.   My kids, on the other hand, have had enough.  They are not happy about the fact that they have to clean while they are supposed to be having fun.   I'm frantically trying to finish organizing my studio and I hear screams coming from upstairs "Mom!!!  There is absolutely nothing to eat in this house!!  When are you going to the store????  We are soooooo bored!!!  When are we going to get out of here and do something???  Stop organizing!!!"

I find that frustrating especially since I just moved everything into a huge pile so I could sort and put away.  But, go I must.  I checked  the refrigerator.  Eden's right.  We are completely out of food, which in Eden and Claire lingo means we are out of bagels, pizza, yogurt, soda, cheese, cookies, chips and candy.

No wonder it takes me forever to get anything done around here.   If people would just stop eating, if we all wore the same outfit every single day for a week, and if we banned Spring Break, I just might be able to complete a task.

Today I had to remind myself that 4 years from now, when I'm home alone in a perfectly clean house, with no one yelling "take me to the store!!"  I will miss these days.

So I'm walking away from my pile, and going to the 5:00 movie at the discount theater.  And then I am going to the store and buying lots of junk, like Easter candy, so that we can eat it all while we watch our favorite episodes of The Middle. 

I can finish this project later -- in the wee hours of the night.


steelebjm said...


Kristi said...

2 weeks? wow torture. ours was one, that was bad enough. the kids are back in school now. thank goodness. gas here is $1.06 a litre, (and I have heard that is the cheapest in the country)- so that would be $4.24 a gallon. yikes!

Eve said...

I'll trade you for a day. (j/k I totally wouldn't.)

Kathy said...

I was thinking "Amen" and then steelebjm said it so much better than me:)

It will be alot more than 4 years for me but I am TOTALLY calling them up and whining "TAKE ME OT THE STORE IM BORED." I am.

momstheword said...

I love this because I can totally relate! My oldest is 22 and away at college.

He has developed some bad habits at college, obviously, because when he comes home to visit he leaves his dishes and stuff everywhere.

I asked him "Do you LIVE like this at college" and he sheepishly says "Yup." And this is from my neat-freak son who used to not be able to sleep if his room wasn't immaculate.

Neither of my kids gets excited about any cleaning or decluttering anymore. Sigh.

I can also relate to your comment. Sometimes when I have a lot of cleaning to do I hyper-focus on something that NO ONE is ever going to see. Like the inside of a cupboard.

That is my perfectionism coming out. I will micromanage and hyper-focus and nitpick on the little things, and leave the big glaring things.

Perfectionism tells you "There is no way that you can make this all perfect and looking good in the time that you have, so you might as well not even try." Or, you might try on something really small that you CAN finish, lol!

Before I hijack your blog and write a book I'd better quit commenting!

Sharon said...

I told my kids this year that if they said to me, I'm bored this spring break I would immediately have a chore for them to do, so they wouldn't be bored! It sort of worked, until one of my daughters came up with saying. What can I do? She said, hey I didn't say I'm bored!