Wednesday, April 20, 2011

She Got Off The Couch, and Other Acts of Heroism

I don't know what phase of life you are in, but there was a time, when my kids were young, that it was hard for me to get off the couch.  I spent a lot of time watching the latest antics of The Wild Thornberries, over and over again.  I felt so exhausted. 

All.  The. Time.

It was hard to muster up the energy each day to make time for myself after 8 hours of work, and little ones.  But, I found that when I did, I was a happier mom.  So I got off the couch, and made time each week to create.  I shared a post about it a while back.

Last week, I started a linky party for photographers.  But the more I thought about it, I decided that I want it to be about more than photography.  I want it to be a link to share the things people out there are doing each week to fill their creative souls -- photography, organizing, sewing, cooking, knitting, decorating, music, reading, painting, print making, scrapbooking, party planning, acting, singing,  dancing . . . whew . . . ANYTHING that fills that desire to express ourselves. (Anything rated "E" for everyone, that is.)   

So, every Thursday, you are invited to link up here, and share with the rest of us.  I hope you will.  It's really motivating to see what people have been up to.  I might be sharing a lot of photography, since that's what I'm trying to improve.  That, and trying to get my house beautified.  (Is that word permissible? :) 

Here's one of the things I did last week.  I finished my powder room makeover.  I need some little knobs for the cabinet doors, and a piece of art, but I'm calling it done!

Behold!   My work . . . 

shower curtain - drapes from World Market
tie backs - pom pom fringe and a push pin
hand towels - world market, linens and things, walmart
hook - ikea
dinged up metal tray - resale shop
glass jar - home goods
soap inside jar - World Market, Anthropologie (but you can make your own by wrapping bars of soap in pretty scrap book papers and tying with cotton string.
paint - martha stewart (I think it was called rain water, or something like that)
wood bowl, and shells (old, shopped my house)
framed mirror - old, I think I got it at Kirkland

I am so sad that I didn't take BEFORE and AFTER photos.   This bathroom used to be really funky -- leaf green walls with a pale glaze over them, and a coral patterned shower curtain.  It sounds horrible, but it was really cool -- Anthropologie looking.  I thought it might be too much though for a prospective home buyer, so I toned it down. :) (Did I mention I'm putting my house up for sale tomorrow.  Wish me luck.  It's exciting!)

Check back next week.  I'm posting pictures of the entire house -- just in case you want to buy it.   

It has been officially declared . . .  let it be so.  Thursday's are all about what you created.  I apologize in advance is what I share is a photo of a pile of folded laundry -- but it counts if it sets your spirit free. :)

Behold, my work! (Friends, Family, Lurkers -- who could be potential friends . . . be courageous and share.) 


Rosie J. Photography said...

your bathroom looks amazing! great job! amazing what we can do when we get ourselves up off of the couch huh?!

good luck with the sale of your house! i hope it sells quick!

i am so excited to link up this week, as soon as i was done editing my picture, i knew it was the one i wanted for today's link up with you!!!!

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

The silver tray on the counter is my favorite. It's all about the details, no?

Eunice said...

I loved your 'old' funky bathroom. I always coveted it. What did you do with the shower curtain? However, the new version looks just as lovely - very buyer friendly!

The Harrison Crew said...

beautiful bathroom! i am currently in the state of being exhausted on the couch. and i only have one. (a very active, crazy one - already - but only one.)

icalltheshot said...

What amazing things you do with your hands Crystal. Simply beautiful!

Thank you for creating this Thursday event. This is so much fun!

Blessings - Debbie