Monday, May 9, 2011

If You Wear It, They Will Come

Saturday afternoon I sat on the floor of the meeting room in the Hilton Hotel with my newly found friends -- all vendors of the Queen Bee Market.   We were muching on a bar of bitter chocolate that Emily had kindly shared with the group when a woman walked past wearing a mustard yellow jacket.

I had to yell at her.  I did.  There's something about that color that requires I make friends with whoever is wearing it.  Earlier in the day I saw Becki walking around with a yellow skirt she purchased from Stacy.   I yelled at Becki too.

I said "I just LOVE that skirt!  Where did you get it, I need one!"  Becki said "Stacy Lynn made it!"   That's when I had to meet Stacy, which lead to sitting on the floor.

Our group watched the mustard jacket walk away, and Stacy said "Mustard is the best.  I swear every time I wear it, people stop me to tell me how much they love the color. "

Lindsey nodded in agreement.  So did Emily. So did I. 

"It's the nature of the mustard people" proclaimed Emily, they just come flocking when they see a fellow fan.

It's true.  Try it yourself, and you will see.

If you wear it, they will come.

photo courtesy of Write It In Lipstick

More about Queen Bee after I recover from the weekend.  Hope you had a happy Mother's Day.  Mine began with the sound of the smoke alarm.  Yep, the family's attempt at breakfast in bed. :)


Eunice said...

I often think of you when I see yellow. And, I look horrible in yellow so I'll probably never have the "if you wear it, they will come" experience ;o)

Eunice said...

Look what post came after yours in my google reader cue:

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

The smoke alarm sounds like a funny story, and those make the best memories. Hope your day was awesome!
Queen Bee sounds like such a fun time. Wish it was closer - I would have come to see you! I hope you got pictures!!

Eve said...

I am jealous. I think my biggest disappointment from November's QBM was when we had to tear down our stuff in 10 minutes and get outta there. Sounds like fun to hang out with all those talented women.

meg duerksen said...

i want craig to have that yellow striped tie!

i am more of a bright yellow girl but i can be swayed. :)