Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I Almost Caused a Revolution.

I made the long trek up to L.A. today for more supplies.   Most of the time, I can get there in a snap.  But on certain occasions, like today, it seems like the drive that will never end.  Traffic jams everywhere.   It makes me thankful that I'm no longer a commuter.   Back in my single years, I used to make that drive 3 to 4 times a week.   

Two hours later, I pulled off the exit ramp into my favorite parking lot, and handed  Hector my $5.00.  He was wearing a snazzy green hat today.  I said "Hector, you are looking mighty stylish in that hat!"  His grin spanned the width of his face.  Hector has the whitest teeth, and the most beautiful smile.  

I wandered down the street to visit Leah, owner of my favorite trim shop.  She waved and gave me one of her enthusiastic greetings "Helloooooo Cris-tal!!!!  How is your back doing?"  She asks me this every single time I visit her, which is going on 7 years now.

Back in 2005 I had an incident, and Leah came to my rescue.   I had two herniated discs at the time, and a little boy happened to push past me while I was crossing the street hauling a shopping cart full of fabric.  The moment he pushed me, I felt searing pain, and stopped right in my tracks, which was the center of the road -- Maple Street to be exact.  I stopped traffic as I stood there half crying and half laughing as I leaned on my cart for support.  Cars were honking so my friend Dana had to offer assistance.   She walked me over to Leah's shop where I begged for a chair so I could sit.  She gave me that, and a bag of candy.   We've been friends ever since.  

I chatted with Leah for a moment, picked a tootsie roll out of her candy dish and then began my adventure of wandering the isles of the shop packed floor to ceiling with more ribbon and trim than you have seen in your life.  I called for help so that I could get some pom pom fringe high up in the rafters.  That's when it happened.  

Leah yelled for Lyle who came running with a tape measure around his neck, and scissors in his hands.  Donned in a black tank top and jeans, Lyle climbed the ladder and pulled out the pom poms.  His head was beaded with sweat as he climbed back down to safety.  Lyle handed me the treasure, and said in broken English "I am sorry I have to wear a tank top for work, but it is so hot!"   

I was surprised he would apologize for his attire.  I said "Lyle, a tank top is the right thing to wear when you have to climb ladders in this hot room!  You need to stay cool so you don't faint on the ladder."

Lyle's friend, and co-worker Silva came over, and she said "Yes, it is sooo hot in here."  She had on a tank top too.

I said half joking "Tell Leah to turn on the air conditioning!"

Well folks, that was the wrong thing to say.  Lyle and Sylvia cast each other a glance, and I could see that I had touched a nerve.  They both yelled "Yes!  We need air conditioning.  Tell Leah, we need air conditioning!!"    

More workers hidden in the labyrinth of velcro, and elastic echoed their sentiments.    I could hear faint pleas "We need air conditioning!" 

I had no idea my little comment would cause such a stir!  I was a little worried I started a revolt, which would end my days of free candy and good prices, so I hastily paid for my booty and made an exit before the staff organized a picket line.

Note to self:  Next time I visit, I need to keep my mouth shut.

When I walked out the door I was hit by a blast of heat.    Where did it come from?  It happened so suddenly!   The thermometer in my car registered 105.  No wonder Lyle was sweating.

Get out your shorts, summer is on approach and it looks like it's going to be a hot one.

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Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

Can't tell you how good summer sounds! We are at least sunny today, and supposed to hit 70. Then it's back down into the 50's and 60's for the foreseeable future. Live it up, Crystal!