Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Moving On.

Last week was a crazy one to be sure.  Eden graduated from middle school.  There was a flurry of activity that surrounded the occasion and it lasted all week long.  You know how it goes:  yearbook signing, field trip to the amusement park, party at the school, commencement exercises, it's non stop fun.

Friday as I sat on the athletic field waiting for the graduation ceremony to begin, I had a flash back of two years ago when I did this same thing for Claire.   I watched her shake the principal's hand, took pictures of her with friends, and celebrated by going out to breakfast with families who all had a daughter graduating that day.

And funny enough, I ended up doing the same things for Eden, with the same families that I celebrated with two years before.

Isn't it strange that most of those families have a daughter the same age, and a son the same age, and that all those kids are friends?  It was like the Twilight Zone, which I seem to visiting a lot lately.

After commencement, as we sat in a restaurant waiting for pancakes and diet coke, someone made the comment "Didn't we just do this with our girls?  Where does the time go?"  We all sat there in silence and and wondered -- "where does it go?"

I can't keep up with all the changes!  Six months ago, our sons were little boys, whose voices were mistaken for their mother when they answered the phone.  Now they are young men; shaving, borrowing their dad's dress shoes because their's no longer fit.   Young men, on their way to high school.  Before I know it, they will be off to college --  sporting beards.

They don't seem too sad about all these changes,  but I sure am.  I will miss these boys - ahem, young men.


Jenni said...

awe, sounds like my last week of school, such a fun one and so emotional! as a teacher i always look back and wonder where the year went with the kids and in the midst of all the fun stuff i reflect on how much of my heart they really have!

eden looks like such a handsome young man on his big day!

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

Look at all those handsome young men!! Look out, Ladies!!

Julie said...

I'm grateful for such great young men for my son to hang out with! They really are such GOOD kids!! Thanks for putting breakfast plans together!