Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ride Like the Wind Bullseye

What do you know about horses?  I know they scare me to death when I'm standing right next to one, and that I have absolutely no idea I'm doing when I try to ride a horse that is living, as opposed to one that is attached to a carousel.  Those cowboys in the movies make it look so easy, when in fact, it's not.  I'm in awe of people who know how to drive one.

I remember one time in the 80's riding down a beach in Mazatland with a group of friends.  My horse looked like it belonged in a Warner Brother's cartoon.  He was old, and his back was bowed so much that I really didn't even need a saddle.  Flies were buzzing round his mangy tail as well as his face.  You could tell that old bag of bones was pretty much done with giving rides to tourists.  It was time for him to retire.   We set off from an old beat-up barn down a street paved with cobble stones, onto the beach right as the sun was beginning to set.   It was beautiful.

Ten minutes into the ride just after we had finished snapping a group photo, my horse reared up and ran pel mel back to the barn.  It must have been dinner time, or quitting time, or both.  I didn't know that old guy had it in him to run like the wind, but he did.    I flew down the beach, hanging onto the saddle for dear life (yes, the saddle), screaming for help, while my friends howled with laughter off in the distance.  It was quite the scene, depending on where you were sitting.

That was the last time I rode a horse.

Unlike me, Eden knows a lot about horses, which began when he had to earn a merit badge at scout camp.   He picked horsemanship in lieu of rowing, and spent the day learning how to care for the 4-legged beast. When Eden came home from camp, instead of complaining about how bad the food was, he talked about horses, and it did not stop . . . for weeks and weeks, which meant that we needed to find a place so that Eden could learn how to ride.   He finally found a passion that did not involve technology.  So we went to Green Acres,  a ranch not far from our house.  I love the name don't you?   Every time I head up the long dirt driveway past the chickens and mangy dogs, I hum the tune "Green Acres, is the place to be...."   Dumbest TV show ever, but the theme song was a keeper.

This weekend we spent a day at Green Acres watching Eden ride in his first horse show.  His skills amazed me.  Eden is a great rider. He knew how to get his horse to walk, trot, and park.  He even knew what to do when it reared up.   It was a proud parent moment.   I wish he had been with me that day on the beach.  It would have saved me some embarassment.  One of these days, I'm hoping he will teach me how to put a horse in reverse.  That was pretty cool.

The other great thing about Eden -- he loves making and editing videos.  So today you get a two for the price of one.  A video about Eden, made by Eden.  Enjoy.

Please note before you watch,  that Legacy, the hose Eden rode in the show is a "teaching horse", not a show horse.  He was very skiddish the day of the event and was dismissed from the ring for safety reasons.  Eden took it like a man.  He is a good sport.

(And P.S.  I'm back, but only sort of.  I still have a lot of catching up to do.  But, all is well.)


Eve said...

I've been afraid of horses since the time one rolled over on me and stayed there when I was 8. But Wren is obsessed. I will have to show her this tomorrow, she's going to freak over it.

Eunice said...

Way to go Eden. Also, I never knew that horses could hold sooo much liquid! Sheesh!

Nanette said...

I am super impressed. 1) because you experienced riding a runaway horse and lived to tell about it and 2) your son is really great! Enjoy those proud parenting moments!!!

Kristi said...

horses kind of freak me out. good for Eden- he looked good up there!

Puttin' Down Roots said...

I'm with you! I'm scared of horses too. And I married someone who is completely at home on a horse. If we had land, he would have some! I barely like to stand by them....but I do admire a beautiful horse. LOVED Eden's video...and WAY TO GO!!!

Jenni said...

great job eden!

i was dying laughing when he was kicking the horse as it was peeing, thank you so much for sharing!!!!

i used to ride horses a lot, but was always, always a little afraid, not gonna lie! i was a teenager and liked the way the cowboys looked in those jeans, what can i say?!