Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Twilight Zone, Family Feud Edition

I dropped Eden off on the curb this morning, yards away from the  big yellow bus that was taking the 8th graders to the local amusement park for the day.  He's  been looking forward to it for months.  I waved goodbye and headed over to Walmart.

The Walmart greeter was busy chatting with one of the checkers, so I grabbed my own cart, which I discovered had a  "Jimmy wheel."   Why I didn't return it immediately, I don't know because it squeaked and would not right itself so I could push it properly.  I got a scowl from every person I passed in the isles; the squeak was that annoying.

I was on the hunt for a heat roller set that had rollers all the same size.  Couldn't find one.  So I bought a box of new and improved Twinkies with strawberry filling instead.  I thought Eden might like to take a taste test and try them out.  That's a typical Walmart trip for you.  Go in for heat rollers, come out with something completely unrelated.

I walked out to the parking lot, and forgot where I parked.  I wandered up and down the rows looking lost.  I finally had to hit the "panic" button on my key to find the car.  It was three rows away from where I was standing.  How do I manage to forget that when I've only been in the store for 10 minutes?

Next, I went to the nail salon for a pedicure.  I knew if I didn't get it done today, I would put it off for another three weeks and then I would end up in crisis mode.  I'd do it myself, but I can't see well enough, even with bi-focals.  How sad is that.

I sat down in the comfy chair, and prepared to get lost in the world of magazines, but I noticed that the television was tuned to an English speaking game show -- Family Feud.  Normally, the nail salon television is playing a foreign soap opera that I can't understand.  But not today.  So I set down my magazine and watched.

The host, known only to me as the Side-Kick of Tim the Tool Man Taylor, was reading the first question.  The camera panned over to the contestant who hit the buzzer, and shock of all shocks, it was someone that I knew!

My friend Brandy was standing there next to Side Kick, smiling her gorgeous smile. What the heck!  How in the world did I miss this?  How did I not know that Brandy was on Family Feud?  I serve with this woman at church.  At the time she was on the show, I saw her two or three times a week.   She never mentioned it once, which is shocking because she ended up winning $20,000 -- maybe even more because when you win at Family Feud, you go on to play other families.

Now this is the really funny thing.  A few months ago, I was at the nail salon sitting in the very same chair, and the very same thing happened.  The television, normally set to the foreign soap opera, was tuned into Family Feud.  And just like today, the camera panned over to the contestants and there was my friend Karen standing next to her son.   Karen, a woman know well, and see all the time. She never mentioned it either!

My best friend was on the Feud too!!!!  One or two years ago.  She never said a word, and we tell each other Ev-ry-thing!  Same thing -- nail salon, television set, Family Feud, bam!  There was Shauna.

Is there some sort of undergound Family Feud conspiracy?  How did all my friends get on this show, and why didn't I know a thing about it until I went to get a pedicure!

I really want to know!   Is the Nail Salon part of the Twilight Zone??  It must be, because every single time the nail salon changes the channel from it's regularly scheduled program, someone I know is on the Feud.

Readers . . . friends . . .  come forth if you have been on this program.   If this happens to me again, I'm going to think I'm Truman.


steelebjm said...

This cracks me up. Missed you, lady!

Eve said...

That is crazy! I also caught an episode of Family Feud with Brandy, but it was the next one where they lost. I couldn't believe it. Seeing somebody you know on a show like that is the coolest feeling ever. Except when I watched an episode of "Studs" with my seminary teacher's 19 year old daughter on it. That was just kind of awkward.

Lyndsay said...

This was SO AWESOME!!! I read it outloud to Wes, and we both cracked up over it. Wes doesn't ever crack up over blog posts. This one is a gem! :)

Honour said...

*insert creepy music here*

Cara @ Gardenview Cottage said...

you crack me up! Seriously.....this made my day! Let me just say that A) I can't paint my toes either because I can't reach (fake hips) B) I hope you gave your friends a how-do-you-do about not telling you that kind of news. C) I do think it's rather odd that this has happened 3 times...I think you need to tell Ellen or Kelly Rippa about it - it's that kind of worthy.

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

It's because when people win money, they keep it a secret so that their friends and long lost relatives don't come knockin' to borrow some cash!

I think Family Feud might be the only game show I'd have a shot in heck at winning. And even then...not so good.

Meagan at Fairly Fabulous Blog dot com said...

haha. one of my high school friends went on. Not sure what she and her family won. I don't know anyone else involved, but this makes me laugh. What a trip!

Kristi said...

maybe you have to sign a confidentiality thing- no one can know! I would love to go on that show, so fun.

tomiannie said...

So funny! If I ever get on the Feud, you'll be first to know... ;)

Jenni said...

did they lose on the show? maybe that is why they never said anything?!

it is crazy that you figured out that you figured all of this out at the nail salon, twilight zone for sure!

meg duerksen said...

i promise i had no idea. :)

how cool that everyone you know goes on the feud. i haven't seen that in years!

Meagan at Fairly Fabulous Blog dot com said...

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