Friday, June 3, 2011

Thank you???

Walking down the sidewalk the other day with a group of women leaving a restaurant, I received a compliment.  

Someone said "That's a really cute outfit!" 

Before I had a chance to respond, someone else chimed in "Yeah, with your skin tones you can wear vomity colors."

Thank you??????

Now before you think "Oh that's soooo rude!", don't be too hard on this woman.  I think she meant it in the kindest of ways . . . because she is a kind person. 

 I just found it amusing that someone would associate the colors of my wardrobe with images that make my stomach churn.    

Because in my lifetime, I have never seen any of these hues in my toilet bowl, have you?

If I had to associate hurl with a color, I think of those cosmic disco shirts of the 80's that had images in pattern printed on thin polyester.  I'm sad to say, I  think my husband may have owned one of these and worn it proudly back in the day.

 I don't think anyone can pull this look off and wear it well.  

Even me, and I'm a woman who looks good wearing vomit.  Or so I'm told. :)


Jenni said...


i am sure that the lady meant it in the nicest way, but really...who says that?! i dunno, but either way, it made for a great laugh!

i haven't seen those colors either in my toilet from puke! your hubby's old shirt, now that is a different story!

Eve said...

You do look good in those colors! That last lacy dress is gorgeous and there would be something SERIOUSLY wrong if you were to throw up that color!

Angie said...

You, seriously, crack me up! :)

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

I have definitely seen those colors in my toilet bowl, but it wasn't from puke, if you know what I mean. So it is strange that I find them so lovely in your wardrobe. I guess it's because I more often find those colors in a garden or something. Some people are just odd with their color association I guess.

Lyndsay said...

Hahaha! Does she have young kids? Maybe she's thinking diaperish colors? Stomach bile, perhaps... But I LOVE the colors in those photos. And as totally gross and horrible as this may sound, the graphic designer in me has at one point marveled at the unadulterated greenness of stomach bile... I am officially weird.

Those are definitely botanical colors. Add some poppy pink and you're set!

west coast nester said...

This one gave me a good laugh out loud moment. And yes, I have vomited that color. The top picture to be exact. But you know what, I am the proud owner of a beautiful ruffled cardigan in apparantly the color "vomit". So I say wear it loud and wear it proud!